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Re: [[mythsoc] CS Lewis & G. MacDonald]

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  • Hal May
    Christine Howlett wrote: From: Christine Howlett Yes, read them! I m another CSL fan and I like George MacDonald
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 17, 1999
      "Christine Howlett" <chowlett@...> wrote:
      From: "Christine Howlett" <chowlett@...>

      Yes, read them! I'm another CSL fan and I like George MacDonald very much,
      and I love Tolkien - read all the ring books and Silmarillion (that's
      dedication!) and his short stories which are wonderful. They all have a
      very coherent view of faith, though different ways of tackling it of course.

      Christine H.
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      From: Diane Baker <dianejoy@...>
      To: mythsoc@onelist.com <mythsoc@onelist.com>
      Date: Monday, June 14, 1999 5:26 AM
      Subject: Re: [mythsoc] General

      >From: Diane Baker <dianejoy@...>
      >Jim Bohannon wrote:
      >> From: Jim Bohannon <bohannon@...>
      >> FrMacKen@... wrote:
      >> >
      >> > From: FrMacKen@...
      >> >
      >> > Hello,
      >> > This is my first email to your society. I am a great devotee to
      >> > Tolkien as well as a student of Celtic lore. This letter is to make my
      >> > presence known and to put forth a query: What does this mailing list
      >> > Forgive me for this naiveness of mine. I know the goal of the
      >> > Society, but not of this mailing list. It seemed like a good list to be
      >> > I hope to hear a reply soon.
      >> > Thank you
      >> > Ron Speer
      >> I lend my hardy second to Ron's naive query -- two naive wanderers now
      >> on a quest, I suppose, to find out how we might engage in noble
      >> discussion on this list.
      >> I joined several days ago, and had all but forgotten until Ron's
      >> e-mail. I am a C. S. Lewis fan myself and thought the list might be a
      >> good place to learn and discuss. Are there others here, or are Ron and
      >> I alone? Ron, I have been staring at my Tolkein volumes -- some, I
      >> hesitantly confess I have owned for a while but have never read --
      >> thinking of launching into a fresh read of familiar works, and a
      >> first-time read of those works into which I have yet to journey.
      >> I am also interested in expanding my contact with the work of George
      >> MacDonald. I own copies of "Phantastes", "Lilith", and "The Princess
      >> and the Goblin", in addition to marking web sites with e-texts. Any
      >> suggestions on the best way to proceed?
      >> Blessings,
      >> Jim Bohannon
      >> Milledgeville, Georgia
      >You're obviously a different Jim Bohannon from the radio host! :)
      >Welcome to the list and the society. I much enjoy CSL myself, and I
      >think my love for Tolkien is equivalent---usu. my fave of the two is
      >"the one I'm reading right now." I have *Phantastes,* *Lilith* and *The
      >Princess and Curdie.* Not to mention a good number of G. K.
      >I lok forward to good conversations. ---djb.
      For those unaware-CSLewis,JRRTolkein,Charles Williams all
      taught together and read their manuscripts to each other
      as they were being written,while Dons at Oxford Univ.CSL
      and Madeline L'Engle,(an American author who wrote 'A
      Wrinkle In Time,''A Wind In The Door,'and 'A Swiftly Tilt
      ing Planet),'were both deeply influenced by George MacDon-
      ald,(indeed,both quote from MacDonald and CSL says,"I have
      never concealed the fact that I regarded MacDonald as my
      master,indeed I fancy I have never written a book in which
      I did not quote from him."(on the back of the Eerdmans pa-
      perback version of 'Lilith' and 'Phantastes.') A close
      friend of MacDonald's was the author of 'Through The Look
      ing Glass'and 'Alice In Wonderland,'Lewis Carrol,to whom
      each read their own works as they were writing them.(No
      one knows for sure,from what I understand,which one decid
      ed first,to use the mirror as a portal to another dimen-
      sion/world.)Both were influenced by the work of theolo-
      gian/mathematician Edwin A. Abbott,who wrote 'Flatland-
      a romance of many dimensions'(Whether MacDonald,as a min-
      ister/theologian,and Carroll/Dodgson,as a mathematician,
      were influenced due to Abbott's interests in each of thier
      own fields,or one introduced the other to him,I have no
      Physicist Michio Kaku has drawn much insight into multi-
      dimensional physics,using MacDonald and Abbott's insights.
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