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      <<Pullman may not be antireligious, but comments he has made in various venues
      (interviews primarily) do suggest a rather hostile attitude to
      traditional/orthodox Christianity. Keep in mind that His Dark Materials is
      Paradise Lost rewritten for the late 20th century and for an adolescent
      (I'm not making this up, these are Pullman's words from interviews). And he
      a rather interesting (nice bland adjective there, but I don't want to
      characterize his thoughts/beliefs further) take on the Fall (both the historic
      one [for those who believe in the Fall] and the poetic one in Paradise Lost).

      My impression, from the internal logic of the story thus far as I perceive
      it, is that Lyra (who is evidently the "New Eve") will make a sort of "plague
      on both your houses" choice, rejecting both God and Satan and allowing
      humanity to become independent of both. Not a "Christian" perspective,
      obviously; but understandable if "God" and "Satan" are taken to be extremes
      of Order and Chaos manifest in culture.
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