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Illustrated Edition of Fouque's "The Magic Ring"

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  • jef.murray
    Greetings! I wanted to alert folks on the listserv to a new book that will be published by Valancourt Books in March. It is an illustrated edition of Fouque s
    Message 1 of 31 , Jan 28, 2010

      I wanted to alert folks on the listserv to a new book
      that will be published by Valancourt Books in March.
      It is an illustrated edition of Fouque's masterpiece
      "The Magic Ring". This epic chivalric and Gothic
      adventure/romance, which includes moral peril and clashes
      between its Christian protagonists and non-Christian pagan
      and Muslim warriors, lost favour in the 20th century, I
      believe, because of its clear moral compass and Christian

      "The Magic Ring" is believed to have been an influence on
      J.R.R. Tolkien's writings as it was on those of George
      MacDonald, and this new edition features over 40 full page
      B&W illustrations, making it far more accessible to younger
      readers as well as to adults (a previous edition, also by
      Valancourt, was published in 2006, but had a decidedly more
      scholarly look and feel to it).

      To learn more and to find out about price and availability,
      you can become a fan on the Facebook page for the book at:



      P.S. Full disclosure requires that I admit that I illustrated
      this edition of "The Magic Ring", but it was a delight and a
      privilege to do so, and I sincerely hope folks here enjoy the
      results! You can see more of my other work (than anyone would
      likely ever wish to ;-) at:

    • dale nelson
      And of course George MacDonald s brief answer to the question What is a fairy-tale? was Read Undine (in The Fantastic Imagination, I believe). Dale
      Message 31 of 31 , Feb 1, 2010
        And of course George MacDonald's brief answer to the question "What is a fairy-tale?" was "Read 'Undine'" (in "The Fantastic Imagination," I believe).

        Dale Nelson

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        On Jan 31, 2010, at 7:27 AM, WendellWag@aol. com wrote:
        So does anyone here think that "The Magic Ring" is a great story?

        Haven't read it, though now that this new edition is out I probably will, once I track down a copy. 

           If you want a quick fix on whether or not you're likely to find it worth reading, an easy way to do so is to check out the same author's most famous work, UNDINE, conveniently reprinted in Doug Anderson's TALES BEFORE NARNIA.*  If you skim UNDINE (which shd also be available from any number of university libraries or possibly through interlibrary loan from your public library) and like it, you might want to follow up on THE MAGIC RING. If his masterpiece leaves you cold, you ought not to feel any compunction to read on (though I allow most authors the three-book rule, myself).

        --John R.

        *Doug notes that it's a work which CSL liked well enough to hunt down and read in the original German.


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