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  • Edith Crowe
    Forgive me if I ve already forwarded this--I m clearing up my un-archived CorSec stuff and am too beset by sick cats and other domestic & Society
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 13, 2009
      Forgive me if I've already forwarded this--I'm clearing up my un-archived CorSec stuff and am too beset by sick cats and other domestic & Society responsibilities right now to plow through my Sent-mail folder. If any of you are interested, contact him directly (or forward to someone who might be).

      Edith Crowe, Corresponding Secretary
      The Mythopoeic Society
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      Date: Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 8:39 AM
      Subject: Tolkien and habitats
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      Dear Edith,

      I saw the work of the Mythopoeic Society, and am writing to inquire about your interest or possible suggestions/referrals for a new project. My colleagues and I run an online museum, webexhibits.org, and we have an idea for a new online exhibit. The exhibit would provide an intimate view of a diverse range of 100 habitats, drawing heavily on multimedia and maps. It would be a multidisciplinary access point to explore a variety of issues, from biodiversity to cultural diversity, and to help make tangible to visitors the complexity, beauty, importance, and fragility of many habitats -- virtually all of which are impacted by humans.

      In December, we are going to submit a grant proposal to the Tolkien Trust (in the UK) to possibly fund an exhibit about "habitats." Considering J. R. R. Tolkien's interest in environmental issues, and the Trusts' prior funding of WWF, we hope they might be interested. I've been in touch with their attorney (who is the contact for the trust).

      The habitats exhibit would be presented as formatted case studies, with multiple photos, maps, videos of the environments, interviews with researchers who study the habitats or people who live there, and interactive figures that explain how the ecosystems work. The 100 habitats would include 40 habitats for plants, animals, and fungi from all major ecosystems; 30 habitats for humans; 15 habitats for microbes; and 15 habitats from ancient past or literature and cinema. The case studies would include the human story, as well as humans’ impact on biodiversity and the environment. -- There would be 1 or 2 case studies based on Tolkien's books, describing his mythical ecosystems in detail (Crebain, Mearas, Mûmakil, Wargs, Athelas, Culumalda, etc.), how the species interact, and the ways they differ from similar ecosystems on earth. We'd focus on his books, but may draw also on his other writings.

      Please let me know if this interests you, or you have any suggestions of someone who might be interested. Our team will provide the expertise on ecosystems, what we are looking for is expertise on Tolkien and his works. At this point, we would need some limited help with 1-2 pages for the grant proposal, but if funded, you could have a role in writing the case study. The museum gets over 8 million visitors a year to our existing exhibits.

      Kind regards,


      Michael Douma
      Executive Director
      Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement
      Phone:  +1-301-760-4033

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