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'bye, friends

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  • Jane Bigelow
    Dear Mythies, I ve lurked more than I ve posted here, but I wanted to tell people that I m unsubscribing. I m still going to be active in Butterbur s, so I
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2000
      Dear Mythies,

      I've lurked more than I've posted here, but I wanted to tell people that I'm
      unsubscribing. I'm still going to be active in Butterbur's, so I won't lose
      touch *completely*, but I have a couple of projects that I want to get to work
      on, and it's just too tempting to read the mythsoc comments instead of getting
      on with them. In some ways it was easier when I had only an old DOS machine
      that couldn't handle anything more advanced than PINE. (It did just fine for
      writing, though; WordPerfect 5.1 did everything I needed.) If I wanted to
      check email or use The Net, I went and borrowed Robert's more advanced
      machine; if I was in my workroom then I was *working*.

      I will miss your discussions and your humor.

      Jane Bigelow

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