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Re: [mythsoc] Re: Tolkien Bibliography

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  • Wayne G. Hammond
    Jeremy, ... All copies of the first printing have the dual imprint St Paul s Bibliographies and Oak Knoll Press. St Paul s was primary, with Oak Knoll
    Message 1 of 23 , Feb 19, 2009

      >I have a US copy from 1993 that lists St Pauls as "first published by" -
      >was there a separate British edition prior to the 1st Oak Knoll edition?
      >Is it distinguishable from the Oak Knoll edition?

      All copies of the first printing have the dual imprint St Paul's
      Bibliographies and Oak Knoll Press. St Paul's was primary, with Oak Knoll
      co-publishing in the U.S. Oak Knoll later absorbed St Paul's -- in fact,
      for my Arthur Ransome bibliography (2000) I signed the contract with St
      Paul's but completed production with Oak Knoll. The second printing of the
      Tolkien Bibliography has the dual imprint Oak Knoll Press and British
      Library, and the "second printing" notice you cite. The copy sent me at the
      time is printed by ordinary offset, with no reduction in quality, on a more
      cream-colored paper and with a little heavier inking (an improvement),
      though is more tightly bound (not an improvement) in a similar blue cloth
      with similar silver stamping. If you have a recent copy still with "second
      printing", then Oak Knoll must have run off more copies photographically
      without changing the copyright page information. I count a third printing
      because Oak Knoll told me they were going back to press pending a second
      edition, since the book continues to sell (if slowly).


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