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Re: [mythsoc] X-Men

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  • Berni Phillips
    ... As Matt said, he s wrong. He actually even got out of the chair some time in the 1980s or early 1990s, thanks to Shi ar (or however you spell it -- aliens
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 31, 2000
      >From: "Diane Joy Baker" <dianejoy@...>

      >I saw X-Men again yesterday, and noticed many scenes that are quite subtle:
      >Wolverine's fragmented memories on the millitary experiments for example. I
      >wondered if Xavier got into the wheelchair by accident; a friend told me
      >that he was born that way: physical disadvantage, but very mentally
      >powerful. As a veteran X Man fan, is he correct?

      As Matt said, he's wrong. He actually even got out of the chair some time
      in the 1980s or early 1990s, thanks to Shi'ar (or however you spell it --
      aliens who are descended from birds and whose queen has the hots for Xavier)
      technology. Then a fresh squeezing by the Shadow King put him back in it.

      Is there any way I can
      >catch up on the origins of the characters, including the villans?
      >Mystique's history would be very interesting, I'd think.

      Your best bet is to try a web site. Marvel comics certainly has one, and
      there's probably zillions of fan ones as well. I don't believe we've been
      told much of Mystique's background. (And, BTW, she is in recent issues of
      the comics.) They did reveal a couple of years ago that she is the mother
      of Nightcrawler.

      >I'll say that Wolverine is quite "buff" as they say, and "easy on the eyes."
      >Of course, the men have Mystique. (Neat effects.) Rumor hath it that
      >Wolverine's father may be Sabertooth. Any truth? ---djb.

      I don't remember if they came out and confirmed it, but it looks like he is,
      the way they've handled it.

      Evidently Jean Gray is a doctor in the movie? That's certainly a change
      from the comic! She's one of my favorite characters, and from what I've
      read, the movie apparently doesn't do her justice.

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