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Re: 50th Anniversary Revisions to LOTR

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  • Romuald Ian Lakowski
    Thanks very much, Wayne, for your prompt and detailed response. I actually meant the Reader s Companion. It s very confusing the way Harper Collins keeps
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 21, 2008
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      Thanks very much, Wayne, for your prompt and detailed
      response. I actually meant the Reader's Companion.

      It's very confusing the way Harper Collins keeps
      "recycling" its isbn's for new editions. I went
      into a local Canadian bookstore chain (Coles) and
      checked some copies of LOTR. The black cover
      edition was republished in 2007 and the verso of
      the Title Page clearly indicates it is based on the
      2004 50th Anniversary Edition.

      Thanks very much for pointing out that the 2007
      edition has been reset yet once again. I have
      a copy of the 1999 edition of the Fellowship
      which has the same isbn as the 1991 edition but
      is based on the reset hardcover edition of 1994.
      It ends on p.535, whereas the 2007 edition ends
      on p.531.

      Romuald Lakowski

      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, "Wayne G. Hammond"
      <Wayne.G.Hammond@...> wrote:
      > Romuald wrote:
      > >I would like to order editions of LOTR that include the revisions
      > >of the 50th Anniversary Edition. I would also like to order Scull
      > >and Hammond's immensely invaluable Reader's Guide.
      > By "Reader's Guide", do you mean the second volume of _The J.R.R.
      > Companion and Guide_, which is called _Reader's Guide_, or do you
      mean _The
      > Lord of the Rings: A Reader's Companion_, annotations to _The Lord
      of the
      > Rings_? If the latter, you'll want to prefer the 2008 trade
      > edition, which includes corrections and has a larger type size. The
      > relevant page at Amazon Canada is
      > http://www.amazon.ca/Lord-Rings-Readers-
      > (which I had a hard time finding as I was searching for "Reader's
      > Companion" rather than "Readers Companion" -- Amazon leaves out the
      > apostrophe, and this appears to be significant in searching).
      > >To my surprise
      > >I am finding it impossible to find editions that clearly indicate
      > >they incorporate the revisions of the 50th Edition.
      > >
      > >Unfortunately, the Harper Collins Canada website is currently
      > >down this fall for renovations. Amazon.ca lists three black cover
      > >editions for the parts of the Trilogy, but gives their publication
      > >dates as 1991. The same editions listed on www.Amazon.co.uk (at
      > >least they have the same isbn's) list the publication dates as
      > >2001. However, the Harper Collins UK website (www.fireandwater.com)
      > >lists the publication date of the Two Towers (I haven't checked
      > >the other two parts) as April 2007 -- with the same isbn as
      > >that given on Amazon.ca and Amazon.co.uk.
      > >
      > >Can anyone tell me whether Harper Collins has actually reset
      > >the black cover editions (and included the revisions of the
      > >50th edition) while retaining the same isbn or (however bizarre
      > >it may sound) taken the revised 50th annoversary edition out
      > >of print without providing other affordable editions (that
      > >incorporate the revisions) to replace it.
      > The current black cover paperback _Lord of the Rings_ from
      HarperCollins is
      > the 50th anniversary text, and also includes the expanded index.
      This is
      > technically a reissue of the previous mass market paperback edition
      > white covers, now out of print, and which came out too early to
      have the
      > new index: this edition is dated 2005, and its impression numbering
      > reset to "1". But the black cover mass market paperbacks are
      dated "1991,
      > 2007", have high impression numbers (68, 59, 65 in my and
      > copies, based on who knows what), and have ISBNs which inexplicably
      > reverted to those for the previous black cover edition (published
      in 2001),
      > except that they're in the new 13-digit form and have new final
      > digits: 978-0-261-10235-4 (FR), 978-0-262-10236-1 (TT), 978-0-261-
      > (RK), 978-0-261-10238-5 (boxed set). Entering the last of these
      ISBNs on
      > Amazon.ca brings up a set (Geoff Taylor cover art) dated by Amazon
      to 1991,
      > but which is dated in the books to 1999 -- this of course is not
      the 50th
      > anniversary text.
      > Another option for you might be to recommend, rather than the three-
      > mass market paperback, the one-volume trade paperback. The one
      pictured at
      > http://www.amazon.ca/Lord-Rings-J-R-R-
      > has the 50th anniversary text and the new index. It is also, I
      > less expensive than the three smaller volumes together, and has the
      > advantage of using the pagination to which Christina and I made
      > citation in the _Reader's Companion_ -- if you are indeed going to
      use that
      > book. The three-volume black cover paperback has a different
      typesetting to
      > suit the trim size, and since the page numbers shifted in the
      > HarperCollins had to adjust the expanded index citations to suit --
      > messing up at least one index entry in the process.
      > I hope this helps!
      > Wayne Hammond
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