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Re: Gene Wolfe

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  • Diane Baker
    ... It s hard for me to name my favorte Wolfe, which usually is the Wolfe story / novel I ve most recently read. Yet, the Soldier books are the ones I
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 16, 1999
      David Lenander wrote:
      > From: "David Lenander" <d-lena@...>
      > I just have to respond that I think the New Sun stuff is the least of what he's
      > done. [snip]

      > the Soldier books (my favorites among his novels), _Soldier of the Mist_ and
      > _Soldier of Arete_, are all superior to the many volumes of New and Long Suns.

      It's hard for me to name my favorte Wolfe, which usually is "the Wolfe
      story / novel I've most recently read." Yet, the "Soldier" books are
      the ones I find myself telling others about first when I promote Wolfe
      (as if he needs help from me!)

      > I remember reading an intentionally provocative review by Norman Spinrad of the
      > original four volumes of The Book of the New Sun: he compared it with L. Ron
      > Hubbard's _Battleship Earth_ (or was it "Battlefield?").

      Ack! I haven't read them, but judging by his rendering of "Dianetics,"
      LRH must have had mental diarrhea. [He dares include *my name* as a
      designation for his methodology? I've never even met him! :) ] Do you
      recall where the review was printed? I'd like to read it myself.

      > I'm not really intending to attack or dismiss the Long Sun books, I actually
      > enjoyed and much admire them, but want to point out that his other work is worth
      > trying, even if you don't care for the Sun stuff--and it's not all of a piece,
      > either. You might love _Soldier of the Mist_ while hating _Free Live Free_.

      One of the things I love about GW is that with each new book, he always
      comes up with a new surprise. You never know what he's going to try
      next. I can't say I like all of his books equally, but I always fall
      under his spell. ---djb.
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