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2008 Annual Northeast Tolkien Society Picnic

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  • Anthony and Jessica
    WELCOME, STRANGERS OF DISTANT LANDS, TO SHIRE WEST!! IF ANY OF THE BELOW LINKS DO NOT WORK, please visit www.herenistarion.org for the online version of this
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2008

      www.herenistarion.org for the online version of this information

      The 2008 Northeast Tolkien Society
      (A Mythopoeic Society Chartered Discussion Group)
      Bilbo and Frodo Birthday
      Annual Picnic
      Saturday September 20th 2008
      TIME: 12 am to 4 pm
      WHERE: Tolstoy Foundation Center, 104 Lake Road, Valley Cottage, NY
      10989 (opposite Mulberry Road)

      All newcomers and members must RSVP via email so we as a group can
      arrange who brings what eatable and drinkable goodies (and how much
      of them)....! Tim will provide the cake and decorations...

      By Car:

      Assuming most know the way to the NY Thruway from wherever they may
      come... so:
      Get off the Thruway at Exit 12 (Route 303 at West Nyack -- just west
      of the Tappan Zee Bridge), proceed north on 303 about a mile (over
      and down a large hill to a light at Lake Road (landmarks: a Shell Gas
      station on the left and a tiny minimarket on the right) Turn Right
      onto the road that proceeds straight ahead (there are also two roads
      to the right and left at this intersection, do not turn onto them)...
      Go about a mile on Lake Road until you reach a wooden sign on the
      left that says Tolstoy Foundation Center (just beyond another drive
      that says Tolstoy Home) turn in there and park. We will be on the
      left of the first building in.
      Or you can come up the Palisades Parkway (if you come from the
      foreign strands of Jersey) straight up to the Thruway (Exit 9E) -- or
      get off earlier at Exit 5N (Route 303 N) and proceed up Route 303 for
      about 5-6 miles until you pass under the Thruway -- then see above...
      Obviously you also can come down the Palisades Parkway to the Thruway
      (Exit 9E) if you live in the far reaches of the north
      You can also go to www.googlemaps.com and put in your origin and
      Valley Cottage, NY for directions (this site is better than
      www.mapquest.com because you can drag and thus adjust the route to
      suit your own situation)...
      By Bus:
      Take a Red and Tan (Rockland Lines) Bus that is designated 9 or 9A,
      9T, 9TA (9AT) from either the Port Authority on 8th Ave or the George
      Wash Bus Station at the Bridge... after you ride through Nyack the
      bus will turn left off Route 9W onto Lake Road at the Rockland Lake
      Park (to the right on 9W). Tell the bus driver on Lake Road to go
      only half way to the next stop (called Valley Cottage on Route 303)
      and leave you off at the Tolstoy Foundation (apparently they often do
      not know this stop -- which the bus regularly stops at going in both
      directions! -- is there!!! You will see a group of buildings, one of
      which is a Russian style white cube church, to the right. I.e., you
      will be half way between Routes 9W and 303!

      TAKING THE BUS: (IF this is your mode of travel contact Anthony and
      Jessica as they are taking the bus and can arrange for us all to
      travel together) CLICK HERE FOR THE COACH USA LINE: (note that the
      buses are of course less frequent on Saturdays than weekdays)
      Put in New York, New York as Origin and New York, Valley Cottage as
      the Destination... and then Weekend as Day of Travel
      The bus fare is $8 from GW Bridge or $8.85 from the Port Authority
      (the subways have of course connections to both).
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