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Re: The Ultimate Ring - An Unauthorized Novel about LOTR???

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  • Grace Donaldson
    ... and the ... Ringbearer. There s a ... about this book ... _http://media.www.thespartandaily.com/media/storage/paper852/news/200 4/11/10/O ... 1499947.sht
    Message 1 of 15 , Jun 11, 2008
      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, WendellWag@... wrote:
      > The author's name is more commonly transliterated as Kirill Eskov
      and the
      > book's title is commonly given in English as The Last
      Ringbearer. There's a
      > Wikipedia entry for the author. Here's an article in English
      about this book
      > and other Russian reactions to Tolkien:
      > pinioncolumnists/lord-Of.The.Rings.Spoofs.Find.A.Russian.Following-
      > ml_
      > .shtml)

      Ah, yes, the Goblin translations (mrntioned in one of the
      articles)...there's something about a pickle that became a running
      joke in my class when I was teaching LOTR in Kyrgyzstan. I tried
      watching part of one of them, but have to confess my Russian wasn't
      up to it; I missed most of the jokes. But my understanding was that
      they were a kind of Russian "Weird Al" of films.

      I have an authorized Russian translation of LOTR, but was appalled
      to discover that a common (unauthorized) cheap paperback translation
      chopped off the chapters in which Frodo and Sam encounter Boromir --
      so my students who read that version weren't the least appalled by
      the slaughtering of Boromir's character that Jackson did in the film.

      I wasn't aware of Eskov's work; I'd be interested in struggling
      through it in the original; maybe if I get a copy and can make it to
      another Mythcon, I can provide unauthorized (and no doubt very poor)
      translations of it to any who want to hear.

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