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  • Croft, Janet B.
    Looks good, Joe! I ve asked for a review copy for Mythlore, but haven t heard back from them one way or the other. Janet ________________________________
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      Looks good, Joe! I've asked for a review copy for Mythlore, but haven't heard back from them one way or the other.

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      Subject: [mythsoc] A recent collection

      I thought I'd mention a recent collection of essays, in case anyone is
      interested. _Truths Breathed through Silver: The Inklings' Moral and
      Mythopoeic Legacy_, ed. Jonathan B. Himes, with Joe R. Christopher and
      Salwa Khoddam [as assistant editors] (Newcastle GB: Cambridge Scholars
      Publishing, 2008). This is a collection of papers read and talks given
      at meetings of the C. S. Lewis and Inklings Society during its first
      ten years; the papers are a mixture of literary discussions and
      religious discussions. ("Mythopoeic" in the subtitle was not a
      reference to Mythsoc, but an echo of Lewis's use of the term chosen by
      the main editor. I've been told, but I haven't seen it, that in
      England the title of the volume is _The Moral and Mythopoeic Legacy of
      the Inklings_.)

      1. Joe R. Christopher, "C. S. Lewis's Three Paths to God: A Keynote
      Address for 'C. S. Lewis for the Twenty-first Century'" (the keynote at
      the first meeting of the Society).

      2. Rolland Hein, "Doors Out and Doors In: The Genius of Myth."

      3. Salwa Khoddam, "From Ruin City to Edenic Garden in C. S. Lewis's
      _The Magician's Nephew_."

      4. Jonathan B. Himes, "The Allegory of Lust: Textual and Sexual
      Deviance in _The Dark Tower_."

      5. David Oberhelman, "A Brief History of Libraries in Middle-earth:
      Manuscript and Book Repositories in Tolkien's _Legendarium_."

      6. Jason Fisher, "Tolkien's Fortunate Fall and The Third Theme of
      Iluvatar." (Sorry, no accent marks on the program I've using for this

      7. Tom Shippey, "Screwtape and the Philological Arm: Lewis on
      Verbicide." (David Bratman in an email elsewhere has said this essay
      is by far the best in the book.)

      8. David L. Neuhousen, "The Role of Mathematics in the Spiritual
      Journey of George MacDonald."

      9. Kerry Dearborn, "The Sacrament of the Stranger in C. S. Lewis, J.
      R. R. Tolkien, and George MacDonald."

      10. Thomas Howard, "Lewis, Tolkien, and Williams as Spiritual

      As I said, in case anyone is interested...


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