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Re: [mythsoc] Harry Potter IV

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  • Paul F. Labaki
    I got it twice, Mary. Now you know where yours went. Peace, Paul Labaki
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 17, 2000
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      I got it twice, Mary. Now you know where yours went.
      Paul Labaki

      > From: Stolzi@...
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      > Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 11:27:08 EDT
      > To: mythsoc@egroups.com
      > Subject: [mythsoc] Harry Potter IV
      > I wrote the below on Sunday and never received it. Did others? I am afraid
      > I've got a problem such as an AOL friend experienced on another e-groups
      > list, of not getting distribution of my posts.
      > In a message dated 7/15/00 4:07:57 PM Central Daylight Time,
      > lisa@h... writes:
      >> Seems the PCers
      >> don't always get it right.
      > Rarely, if ever, would be my cantankerous remark.
      > Here's a rant from an acquaintance on another list:
      >>> I would suggest that the feminists who are indignant at the portrayal
      > of "women" in the Potter books go to an actual school and observe
      > carefully how the girls act and interact. They will see that Ms.
      > Rowling nails it every time.
      >>> Another reason they are so popular, I would contend, is that kids are
      > so sick of the moralistic, hyper-realistic "problem books" that have
      > been dominating adolescent literature. These books do carry out the
      > dreary role-modeling these feminist critics demand, which is no
      > different in its essence than the lesson-in-life moralism
      > fundamentalists demand.
      >>> I write as someone who has criticized these books, but they are a
      > testimony to the vacuity of the educational/kiddy lit establishment.
      > Interesting!
      > Mary S
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