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Re: [mythsoc] fantasy names, was: Harry Potter

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    In a message dated 7/16/0 7:32:18 PM, Mary S wrote:
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      In a message dated 7/16/0 7:32:18 PM, Mary S wrote:

      <<Patricia McKillip does this with musical terms in her SONG FOR THE
      which annoyed me out of all reason.

      With the difference that McKillip expected her readers to recognise the
      musical terms, which were meant to correlate with the general musical theme
      of the novel. In the other case, however, the author is obviously hoping that
      his readers won't recognise the painters' names and will relate to them as
      something original (and he's by far not the only commercial fantasist doing
      this, alas). One may or may not approve of the aesthetic merits of McKillip's
      creative decision; but in the other case case it's simple laziness and lack
      of imagination.
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