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  • John D Rateliff
    Yes, silly of me to have clean forgotten about Mike s group being the closest one to you -- but then Illinois internal geography was never my strong point.
    Message 1 of 10 , Nov 11, 2007
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      Yes, silly of me to have clean forgotten about Mike's group being the
      closest one to you -- but then Illinois' internal geography was never
      my strong point. Glad you're in contact with him and will be able to
      visit the Peoria group. Pity about Marquette, but so it goes. Glad
      you're enjoying RETURN TO BAG-END. My model was, of course,
      Christopher's HISTORY OF MIDDLE-EARTH series, particularly his
      treatment of text and commentary in THE BOOK OF LOST TALES. So my
      book is deliberately designed so that those who wish can just skip
      over my parts and read Tolkien's draft as a more or less continuous
      story (and a v. good one, too).

      Most recent Tolkien acquisitions:
      (1) THE ROOTS OF TOLKIEN'S MIDDLE EARTH by Rbt S. Blackham
      (nicely illustrated guide to places in the Birmingham area that might
      have influenced Tolkien), &
      Russell (the companion book to the London stage musical). I assume
      they'll release an 'original cast' soundtrack and poss. dvd at some
      point, but for now this is the best bet for those of us who can't
      make it to the London production to see what they've done with the
      While in Oxford recently I picked up several 'Oxford guidebooks'
      -- pamphlets, really -- and was interested to see that Tolkien and
      also Lewis are much more prominent in them than had been the case
      last time I was there. I think the only other Oxford figure who got
      so much space was Dogdson (i.e., Lewis Carroll).

      On Nov 10, 2007, at 5:56 PM, Adam Smith wrote:
      > Thanks for the welcome John...and it is a great pleasure to meet
      > you.
      > I'm about halfway through the second volume of The History of the
      > Hobbit and have found it absolutely fascinating. I must say that
      > you did a fantastic job not just with the research and scholarship,
      > but with the organization of the piece, which reads smoothly. The
      > editorial commentary does not interfere with the narrative, and I
      > think that gives the volumes a flow that is missing from 'The
      > History of LotR'.
      > I actually live about midway between Peoria and Rockford...out in no-
      > man's land, so to speak. Strangely enough, my sister-in-law also
      > lives in Harvard. Small world.
      > I learned at the last moment (from Mike Foster) about your speaking
      > engagement at Marquette, and wish I had known earlier. I hope to
      > meet with Mike's Peoria Mythsoc discussion group later this month
      > for the first time, so that should be fascinating.
      > ------
      > Adam S.
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