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C.S. Lewis Southwest Regional Retreat

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  • Edith Crowe
    FYI Corresponding Secretary of the Mythopoeic Society (http://www.mythsoc.org) ... Alyssa Jacobsen 10/15/2007 04:28 PM To
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      Corresponding Secretary of the Mythopoeic Society (http://www.mythsoc.org)
      ----- Forwarded by Edith Crowe/SJSU on 10/17/2007 10:30 AM -----

      "Alyssa Jacobsen" <alyssa@...>
      10/15/2007 04:28 PM


      CS Lewis Foundation Correspondence

      I?m writing to update you on the upcoming C.S. Lewis Southwest Regional
      Retreat at Camp Allen in Navasota, TX, November 9-11. We are looking
      forward to this retreat and would like to know if you would kindly help
      spread the word about this conference by forwarding information about the
      retreat to your mailing list as well as friends and supporters.

      Also, I would like to update you on a recent development on our website:
      we have just added a Featured Links page with a variety of C.S. Lewis
      resources. We are pleased to have included http://www.mythsoc.org as part
      of that list. To view our Links page, go to
      http://www.cslewis.org/resources/links.html .

      Thank you for any help you can offer us to pass on the news about this
      unique retreat! I?ve included all of the pertinent information below.

      Join us for our fifth annual Southwest Regional C.S. Lewis Retreat at Camp
      Allen Retreat and Conference Center in Navasota, Texas! In the company of
      friends old and new, engage the works of C.S. Lewis to discover what he
      reveals about our tendency to tether our hearts to the ?false infinites,?
      to the security of what we think is solid ground, rather than trusting in
      Christ, the ?true infinite.?

      Outstanding Speakers:
      ? Dr. Jerry Root
      ? Andrew Lazo
      ? Rev. Richard Kannwischer
      ? Rev. Sam Todd

      Inspiring Artists:
      ? Ad Deum Dance Company of Houston, Texas

      Other Retreat Highlights:
      ? Special Children?s Track for young Narnians (ages 7-12) ? Small group
      sessions on conference themes ? Worship and fellowship ? Outdoor
      recreation during free time ? Bag-End Café ? informal after-hours
      readings and musical offerings by retreat participants and guest musicians

      Featuring Lewis scholars, performances, worship, and a special Children?s
      Track for young Narnians, this retreat will renew your spirit, engage your
      mind, and refresh your body!

      Register now! Visit www.cslewis.org or call toll free 1-866-334-2267

      The C.S. Lewis Foundation is a not-for-profit, public benefit, donor
      supported 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization.

      C.S. Lewis Foundation
      P.O. Box 8008
      Redlands, CA 92375

      *Program details are subject to change.

      Thank you for your time,

      Most sincerely,

      Alyssa Jacobsen
      Office Assistant
      C.S. Lewis Foundation
      Redlands, California
      (909) 793-0949

      Southwest Regional C.S. Lewis Retreat, Camp Allen Episcopal Retreat
      Center, Navasota, Texas ? November 9-11, 2007 ? ?Seas, Islands, & Solid
      Ground: Navigating the False Infinites with C.S. Lewis? ? Explore the
      works of C.S. Lewis with Dr. Jerry Root of Wheaton College and Andrew Lazo
      , Jacob Javits Fellow of Rice University. Featuring meditations led by
      Rev. Richard Kannwischer, Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of
      San Antonio, and performances by the Ad Deum Dance Company of Houston,
      Texas. Refresh your spirit and body while engaging your mind at this
      intimate woodland retreat near Houston!

      The C.S. Lewis Foundation is a not-for-profit, public benefit, donor
      supported 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization.

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