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  • Mike Foster
    As Bullwinkle used to say to Rocky, This time for sure! Agreeably, Mike ... From: Mike Foster [mailto:mafoster@hughes.net] Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2007
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      As Bullwinkle used to say to Rocky, "This time for sure!"


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      Typo corrected, another casualty of the "Ready.FIRE!...aim" nature of

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      Yesterday, David, you wrote, "I have said
      that as movies on their own I think they're pretty good."

      Today they're "crappy."

      Disagreeing is one thing; being disagreeable is another.


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      At 11:18 PM 9/5/2007 -0500, Mike Foster wrote:

      >Your opinions are quite clearly expressed.

      I wish they were; then I might get replies that forwarded the

      >I must wonder, however, if the Inklings, in their spirited discussion
      >a topic, ever referred to another's opinion as "stupid, lame-brained,
      >irrelevant." Don't you think language like that is more quarrelsome
      >than argumentative?

      If they didn't, that might be because they didn't express stupid,
      lame-brained, and irrelevant opinions; and that in turn might be because
      they had too much sense to try to defend some crappy movie.

      But in fact the Inklings did express themselves in very quarrelsome
      To wit:

      Tolkien: "... a most amusing and highly contentious evening, on which
      an outsider eavesdropped) he would have thought it a meeting of fell
      enemies hurling deadly insults before drawing their guns."

      Lewis: "Wrenn almost seriously expressed a strong wish to burn Williams
      Tolkien and I agreed afterwards that we just knew what he meant: that as
      some people ... are eminently kickable, so Williams is eminently

      Lewis to Williams: "I've a good mind to punch your head when we next

      Lewis to Barfield: "Take that grin off your ugly face."

      Tolkien about Lewis: "Alas! His ponderous silliness is becoming a fixed
      manner." And on another occasion: "Doesn't he know what he's talking

      Warren Lewis: "To read to the Inklings was a formidable ordeal."

      These are all from chapter 4 of Glyer's _The Company They Keep_.

      Lastly, I must record the piquant irony of being chided for
      by someone who, quite without justification, has used equally strong
      language to condemn my posts on Jackson (quoted in a post of mine of
      2; I don't care to repeat it again).

      At 04:44 AM 9/6/2007 +0000, Merlin DeTardo wrote:

      >But seriously: in 1948, Tolkien seems to have criticized Lewis' work so

      >harshly that he later felt the need to explain himself, and to
      >apologize: "I regret causing pain, even if and in so far as I had the
      >right; and I am very sorry indeed still for having caused it quite
      >excessively and unnecessarily" (Letter #113). Though it looks from the
      >letter like the quarrel began not at an Inklings but in correspondence.
      >Is there any more on this incident in _The Company They Keep_?

      Not specifically, I don't think: it's not entirely clear what he's
      about or which book he's referring to, and Glyer's is a work of analysis
      and connection rather than one of primary research. But there's plenty
      material on Tolkien's criticisms of Lewis, on Lewis's of Tolkien, and on
      everybody's of everybody else's.

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