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RE: [mythsoc] Beowulf film

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  • Mike Foster
    Peter Jackson s Films inspired many reactions. What really got me torque- D was Let s hunt some orc. Cheers, Mike ... From: mythsoc@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 108 , Sep 2, 2007
      Peter Jackson's
      Films inspired many reactions.
      What really got me torque-
      D was "Let's hunt some orc."


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      Oh jeeze for missed opportunity. I can't rhyme. Seriously. I'm terrible
      it. (One of the many things to enjoy about my dear friend Mary of
      blessed memory
      and one of the thousand thousand things she had that I lack was her
      to make rhyming couplets.)

      But I eagerly await the efforts of my fellow Mythies. :-)


      (And to clarify, St. Augustine *is* a saint in the Orthodox Church --
      for his
      example of true repentance and great love of God. But he most definitely
      considered a theologian.)

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      Well, Grace, the notion of -felix peccatum- was from St. Augustine, and
      he was always considered rather orthodox at St. Bernard's, Spalding, and
      Marquette, but, as you say, back to today's feature movie.

      The clerihew victors were posted to Ellie a couple weeks ago and so they
      may be in the next issue of -Mythprint--.

      An open invitation to complete this clerihew:

      Peter Jackson's
      Films inspired many reactions


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      Message 108 of 108 , Dec 7, 2007
        In a message dated 12/7/07 9:41:39 AM, dbratman@... writes:

        > Very much the opposite opinion here. I don't recall anything harmful being
        > done to the text, but the image was definitely a problem. Tolkien says she was
        > "beautiful beyond enduring, terrible and worshipful." The only word in this
        > that Jackson seems to have followed was "terrible" - and he seems to be using
        > it in the sense of "scary and terrifying," rather than "eliciting awe" which
        > is what Tolkien presumably meant.
        > Good point David! Beautiful and Terrible like an angel would have been more

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