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RE: [mythsoc] Beowulf film

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  • Mike Foster
    Well, Grace, the notion of -felix peccatum- was from St. Augustine, and he was always considered rather orthodox at St. Bernard s, Spalding, and Marquette,
    Message 1 of 108 , Sep 2, 2007
      Well, Grace, the notion of -felix peccatum- was from St. Augustine, and
      he was always considered rather orthodox at St. Bernard's, Spalding, and
      Marquette, but, as you say, back to today's feature movie.

      The clerihew victors were posted to Ellie a couple weeks ago and so they
      may be in the next issue of -Mythprint--.

      An open invitation to complete this clerihew:

      Peter Jackson's
      Films inspired many reactions


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      Just have to put in a plug for us Orthodox Christians -- this isn't what
      believe about the sin of Adam and Eve. We aren't so juridical, and the
      Incarnation was always necessary for theosis, which remains necessary
      even if sin
      had never entered in. Okay, back to your regularly scheduled program.

      And just so everyone knows for sure and certain, I will always, along
      such stalwarts as David and Carl and Lynn and others whose names I am
      forgetting but whose knowledge and tenacity I appreciate, continue to
      argue about
      those films and the awfulness I think they embody for as long as I live.
      stop fighting until the fight is done, is how I view it. However, on
      this list
      and out of respect for my fellow MythSoc members, I will not bring them
      as a topic of discussion. Rather I will make every attempt to limit
      myself to
      answering back.

      Have a lovely Sunday! And before I forget, will the Cerlihew winners be
      printed anywhere? (Or are they already on the website, and I in my shame
      neglected to see them?)

      Grace Walker Monk

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      As Chesterton said, David, "An argument is ruined by turning it into a
      quarrel." There has been, at times, much more heat that light in this
      discussion over the years, and if in years past I sprinkled a little
      kerosene on the blaze, I don't intend to again, thanks all the same.
      -Procedamus in pace-.

      One way to look at the Jackson films, it being Sunday morning and all,
      is as -felix peccatum-, rather like Eve biting the apple, the felicitous
      sin that led to the Redemption.


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      Message 108 of 108 , Dec 7, 2007
        In a message dated 12/7/07 9:41:39 AM, dbratman@... writes:

        > Very much the opposite opinion here. I don't recall anything harmful being
        > done to the text, but the image was definitely a problem. Tolkien says she was
        > "beautiful beyond enduring, terrible and worshipful." The only word in this
        > that Jackson seems to have followed was "terrible" - and he seems to be using
        > it in the sense of "scary and terrifying," rather than "eliciting awe" which
        > is what Tolkien presumably meant.
        > Good point David! Beautiful and Terrible like an angel would have been more

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