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Re: [mythsoc] Pan's Labyrinth -- possible spoilers

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  • Walkermonk@aol.com
    I saw this from a slightly different angle than most of y all, I think. The grapes were lovely and tempting, so she took them. She knew she wasn t supposed to
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2007
      I saw this from a slightly different angle than most of y'all, I think. The
      grapes were lovely and tempting, so she took them. She knew she wasn't
      supposed to take them (having read the proper stories and all, along with being
      warned by Pan). However, I took her statement of "I thought nothing would
      happen" as similar to other circumstances in books we all love where the
      hero/protagonist is specifically told not to do something and seems to understand the
      warning -- yet still does the wrong thing because somehow he, or she, doesn't
      quite believe the warning when the temptation is strongest. I thought it was
      a realistic answer for a child her age (I have heard variations of those
      words from my own children in years past -- thinking particularly of a home-made
      bike ramp, me the mom freaking out at the thought of them using it to do bike
      tricks and telling them NOT to try it, and the result being a couple of
      skinned-up sons saying "we thought it would work). So to me, it fit the story.
      But I could be projecting my own feelings here and so "misremembering" what
      actually happens in the movie.


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      dbratman@... writes:

      One of the girl's tasks involves passing by the banquet at which the
      eyeless man is sitting motionless. Although Pan had told her specifically
      not to eat anything, at possible peril of her life, she takes two grapes,
      and all heck breaks loose.

      The question is, why did she eat the grapes?

      One person with whom I discussed this pointed out that this was just after
      she'd been sent to bed without supper. I'd forgotten, when watching the
      banquet scene, that this had immediately preceded it. In any case, the
      girl didn't look ravenous. She looked more as if she was taking the grapes
      out of curiosity.

      But when Pan berates her afterwards for taking the grapes, her only
      response is to say, "I thought nothing would happen." That seems to me to
      contradict and disable any suggestion that she did take the grapes out of
      curiosity. Did she conclude that something bad would happen, and decided
      to make it happen in order to spice up an otherwise boring and simple task?
      Someone else suggested that possibility to me, but that doesn't seem

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