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Fw: Charles Williams Society: conference & call for papers

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  • Edith Crowe
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      Edith L. Crowe | (408) 808-2037 | edith.crowe@...
      Corresponding Secretary of the Mythopoeic Society (http://www.mythsoc.org)
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      Richard Lyman <charles_wms_soc@...>
      08/19/2007 05:57 AM


      Charles Williams Society

      I hope this will be of interest to Mythopeic members - as speakers or
      Richard Sturch, Secretary, Charles Williams Society.

      Conference Organized by the Charles Williams Society
      St. Hilda's College, Oxford, U. K. 4th-6th July 2008

      The conference aims at setting the life and work of
      Charles Williams (1886-1945) in its context. Of
      particular interest, of course, will be papers on
      Williams himself and papers which deal with the lives
      and work of those who knew him in London and/or
      Oxford, and arguably influenced him or were influenced
      by him (e.g. Coventry Patmore, A. E. Waite, Alice
      Meynell, J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Dorothy L,
      Sayers, Evelyn Underhill, T. S. Eliot, W. H. Auden,
      Robert Graves, John Heath-Stubbs). But papers need not
      be confined to these areas and submissions on a
      variety of aspects of the period will be welcomed.
      They may cover literary, theological, historical, or
      biographical ground.

      Those attending the conference are likely to be people
      from a wide range of backgrounds - some extremely
      knowledgeable about Williams and others much less so.
      Papers as presented should be prepared with this in
      mind - though versions for publication will need the
      usual supporting apparatus of footnotes, references

      We are asking that papers last approximately 20--25
      minutes (4,000-6,000 words).

      Academic panel: Dr Suzanne Bray (Lille Catholic
      University), Dr Brian Horne (King's College, Londodn),
      Professor Grevel Lindop (Manchester University), Dr
      Stephen Medcalf (Sussex University) and Professor
      Charles Huttar (Hope College, USA).

      Please send any questions and propositions for papers
      (250--350 words) to Dr Richard Sturch at
      charles_wms_soc@... (note the underlining
      between charles, wms and soc). or 35 Broomfield,
      Stacey Bushes, Milton Keynes, MK12 6HA, U.K., by
      January 11th 2008.

      B. L. Horne, Chairman of Council, Charles Williams Society.

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