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Fw: The White Tree Fund Lecture Series

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      The White Tree Fund Lecture Series

      The White Tree Fund

      News Release

      For Immediate Release

      The White Tree Fund launches Lecture Series to raise funds and books
      for the International Reading Association and Parkdale Project Read of

      TORONTO (August 3, 2007) ? The White Tree Fund Inc. (TWTF) is
      launching the inaugural series of its fund raising White Tree Lectures
      program. The first series consists of three Tolkien-themed lectures at
      the University of Toronto?s Hart House.

      ?The aim of the White Tree Lectures is to raise awareness and support
      for TWTF's programs and charitable initiatives by holding a lecture
      series with the Tolkien community in mind,? said TWTF President and
      founding member Lara Sookoo.

      On August 16, 2007, 7-9 pm, Dr. John Browne from the University of
      Toronto will be speaking on "Tolkien as Wordsmith: One Reader's
      Journey Through the Lord of the Rings,? with discussion to follow.

      The second event held on September 27, 2007, 7-9 pm, will be a
      presentation of Daniel Timmons' documentary DVD, "A Legacy of The Lord
      of the Rings," with discussion to follow.

      The final evening will be a panel discussion on the recently
      released book The Children of Húrin, on October 25, 2007, 7-9 pm.

      "Literature was a high priority for J.R.R. Tolkien, one of the most
      important writers of the 20th century,? said Director Jo-Anna Dueck.
      ?Aside from his best-known works, The Hobbit and The Lord of the
      Rings, he wrote a number of other books and contributed to numerous
      books and periodicals. We at TWTF see the literacy need in our world
      today as an opportunity to be an extension of Tolkien's love of
      literature in providing quality books for those who need them.?

      All proceeds will go to charity and the books donated will go to
      Toronto's Parkdale Project Read. There will also be door prizes and
      give-aways. To order tickets go to: www.whitetreefund.org

      The White Tree Fund is an incorporated non-profit organization that
      supports charities through organizing fund-raising and awareness
      drives and events, and is dedicated to exploring fantasy and mythology
      through study, literature, art, music and film.

      This fall, The White Tree Fund is set to debut its journal, ?Silver
      Leaves.? Each issue will contain a range of features from academic
      essays, creative writing, artwork and puzzles to reviews, interviews
      and event reports to artistic spotlights on costuming, weaponry, and
      handmade items. Silver Leaves will also contain articles by guest
      authors, as well as, humanitarian, community, and volunteer updates.
      The journal is currently available for pre-order on the TWTF website.

      For more information please visit the www.whitetreefund.org


      For further media inquiries contact:

      Lizzie Thelwell
      Marketing and Communications Manager

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