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Re: Peter S. Beagle

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  • mlcvamp@aol.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22, 2007
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      <Granada Media International (the English company that owns the
      animated film of THE LAST UNICORN) has sold more than a million
      copies on DVD and videotape since 1999. By contract, they owe Peter
      hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties, but so far they have
      refused to pay him a cent.>

      By coincidence, I just learned about this case when I saw Peter Beagle
      at Otakon (huge anime/manga con in Baltimore) yesterday. He was in the
      dealers' room. There was NO line. His attendance was a last-minute
      decision, so he wasn't listed in the program. His assistant explained
      all about the LAST UNICORN royalty problem. Appalling. Profits from the
      books being sold at the con were going toward legal costs. Beagle
      seemed to be a very sweet man; he talked to me for several minutes
      while signing my copy of his 2006 short story collection.

      It was just by pure chance that I happened to visit the dealers' room a
      second time and happened to notice Beagle's table. For a distinguished
      writer like that, there should have been a line running halfway across
      the room (the way there was for Fred Gallagher, author/artist of
      MEGATOKYO -- which is a fun comic series, but not in a league with the
      author of A FINE AND PRIVATE PLACE and THE LAST UNICORN). From my
      selfish perspective, I'm glad there wasn't. <G>

      Margaret Carter
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