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For Peter S. Beagle Fans

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  • kim4fsu
    Yesterday I ordered a couple of copies of the new The Last Unicorn DVD from Conlan Press, and got the following in reply. It s a bit sad, and, I m beginning
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 2007
      Yesterday I ordered a couple of copies of the "new" The Last Unicorn
      DVD from Conlan Press, and got the following in reply. It's a bit
      sad, and, I'm beginning to think, a more common occurance than not.
      I thought I'd pass it on to the group in case there are Beagle fans
      among us, or in case anyone is looking for a neat gift idea for the
      kids 6 to 60 (and beyond) on your Christmas list!

      Kim J.


      Conlan Press Thank You!
      1540 5th Avenue, Suite 304
      San Francisco, CA 94122
      925-260-2725 - www.conlanpress.com For ordering your DVD from Conlan

      Thank you for helping Peter S. Beagle by purchasing the new DVD of
      THE LAST UNICORN from Conlan Press, instead of from somewhere else.
      More than half of what you just spent will go to support Peter and
      his projects — but if you had bought it somewhere else, Peter would
      have gotten nothing.

      Here's the situation in a nutshell:
      Granada Media International (the English company that owns the
      animated film of THE LAST UNICORN) has sold more than a million
      copies on DVD and videotape since 1999. By contract, they owe Peter
      hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties, but so far they have
      refused to pay him a cent.

      Peter has fought for three years to get his due, so far without

      He still isn't getting any royalties from the DVD you just bought,
      either (not as long as Granada keeps stonewalling).
      However, the people at Lionsgate Entertainment (the film's American
      distributor) are great folks. To make it possible for American fans
      of THE LAST UNICORN to finally own a GOOD version, they are putting
      out this special digitally-remastered 25th Anniversary Widescreen
      DVD. And to help Peter, they have agreed to let us sell copies via
      the Conlan Press website. By purchasing here you have put money
      straight into Peter's pocket and helped him in his quest for justice.
      Please spread the word. If you know anyone who wants to buy this DVD,
      tell them why they should buy it here.

      Thank you very much! (And thanks to Lionsgate for caring.)

      If you'd like to know more about the situation, and what you can do
      about it, go to www.conlanpress.com/youcanhelp.

      And if you'd like to add your own voice to the people from more than
      34 countries who have stood up for Peter, just go to
      www.conlanpress.com/html/fans_speak.html and follow the instructions

      Peter S. Beagle needs support in the fight to get him his due for the
      animated versions of THE LAST UNICORN and THE LORD OF THE RINGS. To
      learn all the details — and find out how you can help — go to:


      The folks at Conlan Press
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