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"Huldufolk 102" premieres in NYC on July 22nd! (fwd)

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  • Ernest Davis
    London s Raindance Film Festival Co-Presents Huldufolk 102 - NEW YORK PREMIERE! Q&A w/director Nisha Inalsingh · Iceland · 2006 · 74 min. · Documentary
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2007
      London's Raindance Film Festival Co-Presents "Huldufolk 102" - NEW YORK
      PREMIERE! Q&A w/director Nisha Inalsingh · Iceland · 2006 · 74 min. ·

      Sunday, July 22, 7:00 PM
      Anthology Film Archives
      32 2nd Ave. at 2nd Street
      New York, NY 10003

      Set against the backdrop of Iceland's breathtaking rural landscapes and a
      mesmerizing soundtrack that includes Siqur Ros, Huldufolk 102 explores the
      country's incredible attitude towards a supernatural phenomenon most of us
      associate with Walt Disney, J.R.R. Tolkien and five year olds. Nisha
      Inalsingh's film debut tackles parallel universes, fairies, elves and all
      things three feet tall. Farmers and academics, politicians and priests, the
      young and old, and the superstitious and the rational bear testament to the
      survival of ancient folkloric traditions in all segments of Icelandic society.
      For additional info: www.huldufolk102.com. The Scottish short The Clearing will
      be shown in this program. Q&A with Nisha Inalsingh and Helen Watkins following
      the screening.

      Tickets can be bought online at

      July 20-22, 2007, Hosted by the Renowned Anthology Film Archives in Manhattan's
      East Village, Includes Features and Short Films

      New York, NY, June 18, 2007- New Yorkers in dire need of a break from the
      fast-pace and hectic streets of the city can seek refuge with the annual Rural
      Route Film Festival, July 20-22, hosted by the renowned Anthology Film
      Archives. Celebrating its fifth year, the festival includes premieres, fresh
      food, free beer, and live music centering on all things rural. This year's
      festival boasts films from 23 states and 15 countries and brings small-town
      prices with $8.00 tickets for all film programs; and many of the screenings
      include Q & A sessions with the filmmakers and brand new 16mm & 35mm prints.
      Overall, this year's fest is the product of five years of hard work and
      festival growth, culminating in a world class, cutting edge mix of
      international and down home Americana film.

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