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Re: [mythsoc] Re: Announcements of Future Mythcons

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  • David Bratman
    Initial contact between people who want to travel together to Mythcon could be made on this very list, with further discussion of details taken to private
    Message 1 of 46 , Jun 3, 2007
      Initial contact between people who want to travel together to Mythcon could be made on this very list, with further discussion of details taken to private e-mail. Or, if that will still be too boring for other people to read, a separate Yahoo Group could be set up for specifically Mythcon planning chatter. But my experience with such groups for other cons is that they tend not to attract enough subscriptions to be useful. We used to put occasional queries of this sort in Mythprint; I'd say by all means, post them here.

      On the other hand: As a person who runs Mythcons, and as an attendee, I'm opposed to the idea of soliciting blanket filming permissions beforehand. I might not mind being filmed making a sober statement on a panel, but I could feel quite differently about being filmed carousing late at night. Should we issue people with two coded badges that they can switch around like mood rings?

      Actually I'm extremely strongly opposed to the idea of using coded badges for this purpose. It's impractical for the filmer, it's an additional burden for the registrar, it divides members up into two conspicuous castes, and it contributes to making Mythcon about the filming. I've been to things like weddings that were more about filming the ceremony than they were about performing a marriage; let's avoid any movement of Mythcon in that direction.

      In any case, filming for private viewing is not the concern of these guidelines. They refer to public distribution. I know of only one professional film made with Mythcon footage, by the late Daniel Timmons, and he was quite circumspect. Most of his footage consisted of private interviews with people he expressly asked to participate, and as I recall most of the rest was very general. Anyone who posts on YouTube ought to be similarly polite.

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      ><...> So if we
      >> spent four cents apiece to print 1000 Mythcon
      >> flyers (for a total of forty
      >> dollars) and we had committee people and friends
      >> hit a dozen local science
      >> fiction cons (and some other important cons) and put
      >> 50 to 100 flyers out at each
      >> con, we did O.K. if we recruited 10 people that
      >> way.
      >I suggest that when a Mythcon is announced, an
      >internet space (a bulletin board, forum, whatever) is
      >set up in order to help interested people get in touch
      >with each other and organize car pooling or something
      >If some people give up participating because of travel
      >expenses, maybe this could help.
      >Also (as for filming is concerned), I think permission
      >could be directly asked in the registration
      >form...Usually people have no problems with being
      >filmed; anyway those who don't want to appear could be
      >given something to wear (a badge of a differnt colour,
      >or something like that) so that they could be easily
      >avoided during shooting (or shots with them edited out
      >when assembling the video).
    • Cole C Matson
      My thanks to everyone for their welcoming replies. I m consolidating my responses into one post so as not to clog up your mailboxes. Wendell: I m not sure my
      Message 46 of 46 , Jun 11, 2007
        My thanks to everyone for their welcoming replies. I'm consolidating my responses into one post so as not to clog up your mailboxes. Wendell: I'm not sure my class paper would be of high enough quality to stand alongside other Mythcon presenters, but I'll take a look at it and see if I can get it up to snuff for submission. Thank you very much for the Knossos schedule. Emerdavid: Of course pun intended. Re: the MySpace page: The reason I didn't volunteer to create one was because of exactly the reasons David Bratman mentioned. I've only been a member a few months; if a page were to be created, it should be created by someone in an official capacity. And I wholeheartedly agree with David when he said, "We don't have to reinvent the Society to some low media denominator." If that happened for the sake of attracting members, much of the value of the Society would be lost. The trick is not to change it so that more people want to join, but to let more people know about it so that those people (like me) who would say, "Wow, such a thing EXISTS!?" will find what they've already been searching for. (Btw, I found out about the Soc. through Google - I was searching either for Lord of the Rings sites, or for sites about the Inklings, if I remember correctly.) Ellen: I am also on LiveJournal. I know there are several Tolkien/Lewis communities, some of which actually have good discussion. (On the "tolkien" community, someone just tried to post their "fanpics" of male LOTR characters engaging in romantic relationships with each other, and links to their club for the encouragement of the same. Several other members of the community gently but firmly suggested that, while that person had the right to post whatever he/she wanted, those drawings might not be quite appropriate for a community of people who were serious about discussing, among other topics, the moral and spiritual themes of the Middle-Earth Legendarium - oh, and they also weren't very respectful of the author's own beliefs. [Kind of like the LOTR tarot deck I saw sold at the Renn Faire where I work. The owner didn't care. It made me sad.] I was surprised to find on LJ something more than just rabid movie fans.) Lynn: Thank you for the tip about the "Starving Scholars" fund! Don't worry, I will be sticking around, and will try to make it to the next Mythcon (or Knossos meeting) I can. Cole

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