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Re: it's not in Tolkien

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  • lynnmaudlin
    This is always the challenge for *good* people: to discern what is right and choose to do that, rather than simply do what he/she wants. It s so much simpler
    Message 1 of 84 , May 20, 2007
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      This is always the challenge for *good* people: to discern what is
      right and choose to do that, rather than simply do what he/she wants.
      It's so much simpler if you're a narcissist - "I want to go to Minas
      Tirith and they need me! Especially now that Boromir is fallen...
      after all, I'm their king (they just don't know it yet)... damn those
      hobbits for a nuisance anyway! Oh well, Minas Tirith, here I come!"

      It's one of my personal pet peeves: folks who read Psalm 37 and latch
      onto the second half of verse 4: "Delight yourself in the LORD; And He
      will give you the desires of your heart," ignoring the whole of the
      context. YES, it's a great verse - but if you use it like a
      sledgehammer to demand you're going to get what you want (because God
      promised you in Psalm 37, verse 4) you're going to have a lot of
      confusion about the real shape of your life. Jeremiah 29:11 is another
      example of a verse typically taken very badly out of context. But I
      have to stop now or I'll throw out another half dozen. <grin>
      (although, read the context of the Jeremiah passage, and you can see
      how well it fits with Aragorn as patiently waiting).

      Aragorn was a mature man and completely capable of setting his desires
      aside; after all, he'd already been doing it for decades. His
      commitment to protect and serve the people, unsung and unlauded, was
      deeply rooted within him, both as an unseated king and as a ranger. He
      wouldn't drop that serving/protecting quality just because he was now
      close enough to smell the crown, as it were...

      (hmmm, do crowns smell? eek!)
      -- Lynn --

      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, "Matt Williams" <mrw@...> wrote:
      > >Aragorn's choice isn't to follow Sam & Frodo --or-- go to Minas
      > Tirith. His choice is following Sam & Frodo --or-- following the
      > >captured Merry & Pippin; a much more pressing dilemma.
      > i was wondering when someone would point that out. You're right,
      but even before Frodo left Strider was wrestling with his desire to go
      to Minis Tirith. "Strider too, his heart yearns for Minis Tirith, and
      he will be needed there, now Boromir has fallen into evil." (Frodo).
      > Later, Aragorn says he would have followed Frodo into Morder, but
      what he would have done and what his heart desired are two different
      > Matt Williams
    • William Cloud Hicklin
      ... which a man from our present day ... hamburger. The futurians ... German city of Hamburg. Were you ... Kennedy being a jelly doughnut? ... LOL!
      Message 84 of 84 , May 25, 2007
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        --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, David Emerson
        <emerdavid@...> wrote:
        > >There was once a science-fiction story in
        which a man from our present day
        > >wakes up in the distant future and asks for a
        hamburger. The futurians
        > >reply, "A hamburger is a citizen of the
        German city of Hamburg. Were you
        > >cannibals in those days?"
        > Does this have something to do with John F.
        Kennedy being a jelly doughnut?
        > emerdavid

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