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Re: it's not in Tolkien

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  • Cristina A. Montes
    ... intend. I think what David referred to was a list of misconceptions that originate from the movie. I am in favor of such a list, not for the purpose of
    Message 1 of 84 , May 7, 2007
      > >I'm also uncomfortable with the idea of keeping a Black List: we
      > >all make mistakes, and better to have those pointed out and corrected
      > >than assign the offender to oblivion, into which the persistent
      > >offenders will sink anyway.
      > My apologies. I intended to say that we should keep a list of the
      > mistakes, to see which ones are most common and thus most need refuting,
      > but this came out saying something quite different that I did not

      I think what David referred to was a list of misconceptions that
      originate from the movie. I am in favor of such a list, not for the
      purpose of putting down scholars who make mistakes or, for that
      matter, bashing Peter Jackson (I, personally, like the movies.
      They're not perfect reproductions of the original, but I believe it's
      impossible to make a movie that's 100% faithful to its source
      material, so I tend to be forgiving as long as the movie is at least
      80% faithful, and faithful where it counts.) but for the sake of
      maintaining high standards in scholarly studies on JRRT.

      Anyway, my own list of movie deviations from the source material, in
      no particular order:

      1. The characterization of Faramir. 'Nuff said.
      2. Fatty Bolger and Tom Bombadil were lopped off.
      3. It took Frodo a longer time before actually leaving the Shire.
      4. The dialogue where Gandalf explains about Frodo being meant to
      find the ring takes place in Bag End, not Moria.
      5. The part about Saruman turning against Sauron was de-emphasized.
      6. (For those who've watched the Extended Edition) Saruman did not
      die during the confrontation with GAndalf at Isengard, after Helm's
      7. Gandalf's labors during the siege of Helm's Deep were not shown.
      8. Merry and Pippin were not needed to convince the Ents to go to war.
      9. When Eowyn rides into battle, the reader -- or any of the other
      characters in the story, for that matter -- doesn't know it's her.
      And Theoden never finds out it's her all along.
      10. Frodo and Sam did not quarrel in the Cirith Ungol part. Both of
      them entered Shelob's cave together.
      11. The beacons were lit while Gandalf and Pippin were on the way to
      Minas Tirith, although in the book as well as in the movie, it was too
      late just the same.
      13. In the Weathertop, Aragorn actually encouraged the hobbits to
      build a fire.
      14. Aragorn had Anduril with him all along from the start; it was the
      banner of Gondor, not Anduril, that Elrond and his companions brought
      to him before he entered the paths of the dead.

      I'm sure there are more.
    • William Cloud Hicklin
      ... which a man from our present day ... hamburger. The futurians ... German city of Hamburg. Were you ... Kennedy being a jelly doughnut? ... LOL!
      Message 84 of 84 , May 25, 2007
        --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, David Emerson
        <emerdavid@...> wrote:
        > >There was once a science-fiction story in
        which a man from our present day
        > >wakes up in the distant future and asks for a
        hamburger. The futurians
        > >reply, "A hamburger is a citizen of the
        German city of Hamburg. Were you
        > >cannibals in those days?"
        > Does this have something to do with John F.
        Kennedy being a jelly doughnut?
        > emerdavid

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