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Re: it's not in Tolkien

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  • Cristina A. Montes
    ... new one ... body in ... Isildur ... if he d ... Eye even ... meant ... absurd. That ... it s one ... I had no problems with visually representing Sauron
    Message 1 of 84 , May 7, 2007
      > When would Sauron have been reduced to eyehood anyway? His body was
      > destroyed in the wreck of Numenor, but as an Ainu he constructed a
      new one
      > and wore the Ring on his finger. We see Jackson's version of that
      body in
      > its armor in the prologue scene, wielding its +10 Mace of Power.
      > cuts the ring finger off and takes the Ring, but he doesn't have the
      > capacity to destroy the body. "He has only four [fingers] on the Black
      > Hand, but they are enough," says Tolkien's Gollum, and one wonders
      if he'd
      > seen that hand personally.
      > To my mind, the vague, undepicted image of Sauron crouched over his
      > palantir, peering into it, sending his gaze out in the form of his
      Eye even
      > to such safe havens as Galadriel's Mirror, is evocative and terrifying.
      > But Sauron the physically helpless - no hands, no legs, no mouth [did
      > anyone imagine that the guy who calls himself "The Mouth of Sauron"
      > anything other than the Mouthpiece of Sauron? That he was literally his
      > mouth and that his boss couldn't speak?] - a big lump of vitreous humor
      > stuck up there at the top of Barad-dur, is comic, ridiculous,
      absurd. That
      > big comic double-take it takes when it realizes it's been fooled -
      it's one
      > of the silliest things in the movie.

      I had no problems with visually representing Sauron as an eye (no pun
      intended). But this is on the premise that he is not a disembodied
      corporeal eye, but a spirit appearing in the form of an eye.
    • William Cloud Hicklin
      ... which a man from our present day ... hamburger. The futurians ... German city of Hamburg. Were you ... Kennedy being a jelly doughnut? ... LOL!
      Message 84 of 84 , May 25, 2007
        --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, David Emerson
        <emerdavid@...> wrote:
        > >There was once a science-fiction story in
        which a man from our present day
        > >wakes up in the distant future and asks for a
        hamburger. The futurians
        > >reply, "A hamburger is a citizen of the
        German city of Hamburg. Were you
        > >cannibals in those days?"
        > Does this have something to do with John F.
        Kennedy being a jelly doughnut?
        > emerdavid

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