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    In a message dated 3/18/2007 9:39:07 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, WendellWag@aol.com writes: We should also emphasize that you can make the format of your
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      In a message dated 3/18/2007 9:39:07 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      WendellWag@... writes:

      We should also emphasize that you can make the format of your meetings to be

      anything you want. Some groups like Romenna focus on particular authors.
      Knossos, our group in the Washington, D.C. area, is just a book discussion
      group that does more fantasy and science fiction than most such groups.
      we do Tolkien, Lewis, or Williams occasionally, but we do lots of fantasy
      science fiction from other authors. We do classical or medieval epics.
      (With _Beowulf_ and _The Aeneid_ this year, we're actually starting to run
      on epics. We've done _The Odyssey_, _The Iliad_, and _The Epic of
      Gilgamesh.) We do children's books. We do mysteries. We do classic
      novels. We do short story collections. We do non-fiction.

      There are lots of ways to recruit. Ask your friends. Have your friends ask
      their friends. Put up signs in libraries or bookstores. Recruit at local
      science fiction conventions. Put up a webpage and wait for someone to Google
      on "

      Speaking of book discussion groups, it might be worthwhile to find out what
      other sorts of book discussion groups are in your area. This is a more
      common activity than you might suspect. Book discussion groups tend not to
      advertise themselves. My guess is that there are 300 or so of them in the
      Washington, D.C. area, most of which of course don't do Mythopoeic Society
      sorts of
      books at all, of course. Politics and Prose Bookstore (also known as that
      bookstore that constantly shows up in the author talks on Book TV on C-Span
      2 on
      the weekends) has appointed themselves the local headquarters for book
      discussion groups here and they do the ordering of books for many of these

      Something really weird happened as I wrote this message. First, it
      spontaneously sent itself before I clicked on Send. Second, I got back a bunch of
      strange mail failure notices.

      In any case, to finish what I was writing:

      Put up a website and wait for someone to Google on "Des Moines" and
      "Mythopoeic Society" or "Des Moines" and "fantasy" or "Des Moines" and "book
      discussion" or "Iowa" and "book discussion." Find other book discussion groups near
      you, even those that doing entirely different sorts of books, and co-operate
      with them in sharing names of people interested in such groups.

      Wendell Wagner

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