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  • David Lenander
    I used to be the Secretary for Discussion Groups, a position that apparently has been discontinued. However, the Membership Secretary has taken on at least
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 18, 2007
      I used to be the Secretary for Discussion Groups, a position that
      apparently has been discontinued. However, the Membership Secretary
      has taken on at least part of the function--that's
      Marion VanLoo
      Membership & Discussion Group Secretary
      Box 71
      Napoleon, MI 49261

      My experiences with Marion have all been that she's responsive and
      accurate--you could write or email her and see if she has any
      suggestions. If you've joined the Society, you might obtain a copy
      of Mything Persons, which would list other Society members in your
      area. There IS a potential DG in Iowa, with Doug (or Dag) Rossman,
      who knows about keeping a group going, in that he ran the Louisiana
      group for many years. There are also several other notable Mythfolk/
      Tolkien fans scattered about Iowa, which was the state where the
      first Bree Moot was held (in the Quad Cities), some years back. One
      thing that I was able to do, apart from the Mything Persons list, was
      to tell people sometimes of other people not currently Society
      members in their area. It's possible that Marion might know, for
      instance, of one or two more people in Des Moines or nearby who used
      to be Society members, or she might have access to the Beyond Bree
      membership list or a similar list. People like Doug Rossman or Gary
      Hunnewell (south in MO) might, possibly, know of someone else closer
      to you. When I was DG Sec, I put up a web-page, which is still out
      there, outdated, but containing some suggestions for starting groups:


      As ugly and dated as the organization and appearance of this page is,
      the info is in many cases carried over from mimeographed fanzines
      that were just as ugly and even more dated. They were still a lot of
      fun, and kind of a lifeline for isolated fans or for little
      discussion groups.

      Here's the Iowa listing from the official Discussion Group listing on
      the official Society web-page at www.mythsoc.org

      Decorah: Alfheim
      Doug Rossman, 1316 Blue Grass Dr., Decorah IA 52101. rossmado@...

      I might add that David E's suggestion that you could drive four hours
      to either Rivendell or the Far Westfarthing Smial may not be
      practical on a regular basis, but you could consider it for an
      occasional or one-time field trip. Doug has joined us for a couple
      of our Rivendell meetings over the past couple of years. IF Alfheim
      is really holding regular discussions (or even occasional
      discussions) you might be a lot closer to their meetings, too.

      Regarding Romenna, one point no-one's directly mentioned is that
      their amazing, detailed discussion reports ran for more than 7
      issues, and appeared in many _Mythprints_, too. No current group
      keeps up with discussion reports as we saw them in their heydays of
      the early 70s in the "Classic Mythprint". If you want to be
      inspired, order up some back issues of those old Mythprints and read
      through the discussions reported by Bonnie Callahan or Anne Osborn or
      Stone of Avalon or others of the discussions of books in groups
      scattered from Bowling Green, OH to Sacramento, CA, from Ann Arbor,
      MI to the Valley of the Sun, AZ. I wonder if Margaret Dean might be
      persuaded to post her old reports to the web, or allow them to be
      posted. I probably don't have the whole set, but I probably could
      come up with at least some of them, as she used to send them to me,
      among others.

      I post this to the list as illustration that similar resources may be
      available in other parts of the country. If you'd like more specific
      suggestions (that is, I could try to check old records for more names
      in your area, which may or may not be current) you are welcome to
      contact me off-list.

      David Lenander

      2095 Hamline Ave. N.
      Roseville, MN 55113


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