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Re: Recent Fantasy

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  • qiena@cs.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2000
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      << A lot is
      going to happen, evidently, unlike what I've heard about the last one, which
      I haven't read yet (I'm waiting until the whole series is done, and hoping I
      live that long). Apparently, Jordan has been getting intimations of
      impatience from his fans. Let's hope so.

      Meanwhile, I'm really looking forward to the new George Martin! >>

      Because of George Martin, I will NEVER, EVER start a series without every
      last volume of it at hand, which means I'm *still* scouring the used
      bookstores for all the volumes of Thomas Covenant and holding off on _Iron
      Lance_ and _Black Rood_. I remember throwing that last installment of
      Martin's on the floor when I realized he was going to leave me dangling in
      midair. At least other series I've read have been somewhat self-contained,
      leaving just enough yearning for the next part without the frustration.


      Christian Realists~ x-real.firinn.org
      "The Man who cannot wonder, who does not habitually wonder, is but a Pair of
      Spectacles behind which
      there is no Eye." ~Thomas Carlyle
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