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Tolkien Reading Day NYC Society Moot

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  • Anthony and Jessica
    Greetings Friends, It is our hope that this finds you well. We have been planning a larger newsletter concerning ongoing society news but wished to first send
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2007
      Greetings Friends,
      It is our hope that this finds you well. We have been planning a larger
      newsletter concerning ongoing society news but wished to first send this
      one due to its priority. Several news items have been posted on
      herenistarion.org concerning the Silmarillion Conference and our Tolkien
      Reading Day event.


      Due to some logistical decisions we have decided to not hold this
      conference. We apologize to those who submitted abstracts for
      presentation and locals who inquired about attending. But on the bright
      side we are publishing one or several (depending upon the amount of papers
      submitted) issues of Parma Nole dedicated to the Silmarillion.

      If you are interested in submitting a Silmarillion themed paper or artwork
      for our journal please send abstracts and art info to the Editor Jessica
      Burke cochair@...

      However, this cancellation leaves room for us to hold a smaller event. See
      news below.

      2) Tolkien Reading Day Event Sunday March 25th 2007
      (Official Tolkien Reading Day Press Release below)

      The Northeast Tolkien Society is holding its own Tolkien Reading Day
      event, and have selected two possible locales. A poll for readers and
      potential attendees is available on our site herenistarion.org. Please
      vote now for time is limited and we must make reservations at either

      For more information on either choice please link to the following sites:

      a) Frodo's Restaurant. http://www.tastethemagic.com
      (Pleasantville, NY) We held a lovely, small intimate event here last year
      and it turned out wonderful. If this turns out to be the location of
      Tolkien Reading Day, we can all meet and travel together.

      b) Fiddlesticks Bar and Pub http://www.fiddlestickspub.com/index.html
      (Lower Manhattan, NYC) an alternate choice to Frodo's with a nice rear
      private room, the only drawback is it may cost a fee to rent the room,
      which means charging attendees to rent the space. The advantage to this is
      that it is central to NYC.

      If you are interested in attending please email Anthony
      (chairman@...) with Tolkien Reading Day RSVP as your
      subject header asap or no later than March 15th 2007


      Ian Collier
      Tolkien Society Publicity

      25th March is Tolkien Reading Day

      Are you a dad, mum, grandparent, uncle, aunt with an interest in Tolkien?
      Are you a
      young person with an interest in Tolkien?
      Then Reading Day is designed for YOU

      Tolkien Reading Day encourages the use of Tolkien's works in education and
      reading groups, as this year's day falls on a Sunday the emphasis is on
      reading together.

      A chance for grownups and children to read together and share their
      thoughts about
      whatever stories by Tolkien they have read and to discover new ones.
      Tolkien's books appeal to all ages and readers worldwide find pleasure,
      entertainment and deep significance in his work.

      Information packs are available online and in hard copy

      For children and adults reading together is fun, and stimulates good
      vocabulary development, an interest in history and for some an interest in
      linguistics. 25th March has significance to Tolkien's readers, as it is
      the day of
      the Downfall of Sauron at the conclusion of the 'War of the Ring' in "The
      Lord of
      the Rings." There's more to Tolkien than "The Lord of the Rings" though.
      and reading groups can enjoy the story of the dog "Roverandom" and his
      adventures on
      the moon or the mock-medieval rebellion of "Farmer Giles of Ham" complete
      giants and dragons.

      Members of the public (or libraries and schools wishing to hold an event
      near to
      rather than on the 25th) can contact the Society for free posters and help
      publicising their event.

      Ideas for exploring Tolkien's books together are available online and in
      hard copy

      e-mail education AT tolkiensociety DOT org or write to

      The Tolkien Society Education Officer, 18 Magnolia Road, Bitterne,

      Southampton, SO 19 7LH

      Requests for posters or queries regarding this Press Release should be
      addressed to:

      Ian Collier, Publicity Officer

      e-mail publicity AT tolkiensociety DOT org

      Launched in 2003 the reading day event has sparked interest in reading and
      groups across several nations and ages from Primary schoolchildren to
      students and library users of all ages. Hence the circulation of this
      release to the
      media, educational press and county library services.
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