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RE: [mythsoc] Re: an invented civilization?

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  • Croft, Janet B.
    Could it be a reference to The Inspector General ? I can t find the lyrics online, but isn t there a song called something like Praise to Grozny (to the
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 23, 2007
      Could it be a reference to "The Inspector General"? I can't find the
      lyrics online, but isn't there a song called something like "Praise to
      Grozny (to the Sky)" in which Danny Kaye is always a beat or two ahead
      of or behind everyone else?



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      Sounds to me like Grozny, the capital of Chechnya, which is not exactly
      on the Black Sea, but is only about 300 miles away. It's the same word
      that in "Ivan Grozny" is usually translated as "the Terrible", so maybe
      it has invented uses as well.

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      >Not really in reply to Michael Cunningham on invented
      civilizations--but a
      >question. I have come upon a reference to Groznia in three radio plays
      >plotted by Anthony Boucher. The country or the city touches the Black
      >Sea. I don't find a reference to a real place of that name. Does the
      >appear in some piece of popular fiction that I do not know?
      >Thanks for any information,

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