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  • David Bratman
    A person not interested in serious Lewis research doesn t need the Collected Letters, which are very long. There s a shorter, older volume, Letters of C.S.
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      A person not interested in serious Lewis research doesn't need the
      Collected Letters, which are very long. There's a shorter, older volume,
      "Letters of C.S. Lewis" edited by W.H. Lewis, with the highlights.

      Volume 3 of the Collected, covering 1950-1963, has a lot of casual
      references to the Bird and Baby, but the meat of the Inklings, and of
      Lewis's friendship with Tolkien, comes in volume 2, 1931-1949. The problem
      is that Lewis rarely wrote about the Inklings except to his brother during
      the brief period when he was away. Most of his comments about his
      friendship with Tolkien come in a few letters to friends from the period
      1929 to the early 1930s.

      By 1950 Lewis was fairly famous, and he got a lot of letters from readers
      asking him various questions about his books, which he liked to explain but
      was loathe to analyze, and asking his spiritual advice on various
      questions. There's a lot of both of these in here. And as they're
      complete, a tremendous amount of trivia: letters to his publisher
      correcting typographical errors in his books, letters to friends arranging
      meeting dates, that sort of thing.

      David Bratman

      At 05:40 PM 1/17/2007 +0000, ajkjr1 wrote:
      >As my main area of interest is with J.R.R. Tolkien but with
      >additional interest in The Inklings, can you give me an idea of what
      >is contain in some of his letters? I think volume 1 is primarily his
      >younger years. Do the other volumes cover any discussions with the
      >Inklings, meeting at Bird & Baby and with Tolkien in particular? I
      >love to soak up as much information as possible but before I spend
      >the money wanted to get a better idea of what was in each volume.
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