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New to this yahoo loop and have something to announce -

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  • sundstromlinda
    CLose your ears, cover your eyes if you re going to sigh or cringe, but really, Mythies, money sometimes DOES talk. I have published a book in fantasy -
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 20 6:48 PM
      CLose your ears, cover your eyes if you're going to sigh or cringe,
      but really, Mythies, money sometimes DOES talk.

      I have published a book in fantasy - reviewed in the past by Lee
      Speth, and I have also sold a paranormal romance (vampires -oooh,
      spooky). Now, I have finaled in a national writing contest for
      romance, sponsored by New York biggy Dorchester Publishing and the
      Romantic Times Book Review Magazine with my unpublished entry
      titled "Barbie and the Beast."

      The editors at Dorchester chose us, top 10, out of hundreds of
      entries, and then (to my dismay) turned us over to RT Book Review
      for what was to become an American-Idol style contest. This means
      that for FIVE rounds of voting, we must plead with family, friends
      and acquaintances for votes - BECAUSE - this type of contest is in
      essence a popularity contest. No one has seen the books except the
      editors. You're offering support based on tidbits of things like -
      in round one - the first line of the book. AND what the heck - none
      of that really matters here. The finalists with the most votes each
      round go ON to the next round. Plain and simple. And two finalists
      are eliminated each voting round.

      I, thank my lucky stars, have already made it through the editors,
      through rounds 1 and 2, and am still standing. YAY. And now, round 3
      is here, there are 6 finalists in it, and it's the holiday season.
      My students are all out for the break - and I need votes.

      Hence, my plea to fellow Mythies.
      Round 3 voting takes place DECEMBER 18-31. NOW NOW NOW.
      To vote:
      1) Send an email to: webmaster@... (that's romantic
      2) Type my title in the subject line: BARBIE AND THE BEAST (like
      the doll)
      3) Send.

      That's it. Five seconds worth of time and a whole heap of support
      for a fellow writer.

      And if you'd like to see more about the contest, or me, or my
      fantasy novel, please visit my website. It's all on there. And don't
      forget to sign the guest book, or let me know you've been willing to
      help out.

      Sincere and very humble thanks,
      Linda Thomas-Sundstrom - who ran the San Diego Mythcon back in the
      First Age.
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