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Tolkien's Wisdom and New Book

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  • Joe Tye
    Hello. As a newcomer to the group I ve been enjoying the conversations. I agree that there is an impending boom of interest in Tolkien s work, partly because
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2000
      Hello. As a newcomer to the group I've been enjoying the conversations. I
      agree that there is an impending boom of interest in Tolkien's work, partly
      because more people will come to appreciate the profound underlying wisdom
      his classic stories share with all great myth.

      I am currently writing a book (my fifth) that will describe how the
      leadership strategies employed by various Tolkien characters can be applied
      in real world settings -- ranging from leading a family to leading an
      organization. I am very interested in having as many Tolkien fans -- and
      fans of mythological wisdom in general -- help me with ideas and previewing
      segments of the manuscript.

      I'm still working with the publisher on the schedule, but it will likely
      come out early to mid 2001. Anyone interested? I can be reached at
      joe@.... Thanks!!

      Joe Tye

      > If, somehow, the current boom had gotten started without them
      >>and had taken its current form, they are both way too outside the formula
      >>(yes, Tolkien is outside the formula inspired by his own works) to be
      >>successful as they stand from a publisher aiming at riding the boom.
      > Hmm..I put this in a second email because I'm puzzled a bit by it.
      > The formula for most of the bestselling fantasys are so much Tolkienish
      > I fail to see why JRR would be outside it. You can draw up a chart
      > with all the Eddings, Shannara, Feist, Williams and Jordan series and
      > check off the similiarities to LoTR. I once used to amuse a friend with a
      > litany of "Gandalf begat Alannon, who begat Belgarath, who begat..." etc.
      > The wizard from the Dragonlance trilogy was in there too, but I forgot his
      > name. <g>
      > Even Donaldson could be said to follow in Tolkien's steps, except as the
      > Now, if by some publishing catastorphe (and no matter what we may think
      >about some of these series, their ceasing to be would be disastrous to the
      >genre and some publishers)they all vanished, De Lint might...MIGHT ..show
      >a minor blip in sales. But I doubt it, as much as I love his work. I've
      >tried to handsell his books to readers who were looking to read something
      >while chomping at the bit for Jordan's next installment. Mind you, I was
      >fairly sure it was a case of apples and oranges. I was right,in most cases.
      >On the other hand, I had great success selling GAME OF THRONES when it
      >was published because I used a description from somewhere that called it
      >"The War of the Roses meets Tolkien". We sold 56 copies in a month, and led
      >the chain in sales for it.
      > If anything, we are about to enter another Tolkien influenced boom,if
      >my hunch is right. There is the Dungeons and Dragons movie possibly out
      >this fall.(Since there is a new rules system being released for the game
      >about the same time I think it's a safe assumption that it will be the
      >fall.) And of course LoTR due out the year after..
      > Bill W.
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