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Re: Wincing at George Lucas

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  • Jason Fisher
    ... Actually, let s be honest -- the acting even in the original Star Wars is not good. Still, that film had so many other things going for it that I find it
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 14 7:22 AM
      >> You are so right about that. Lucas is the absolute worst.

      > Right on that one. Except for the first Star Wars, American Graffiti,
      > and THX 1138, I hate all of Lucas' films. What is his problem? He
      > used to know how to direct actors. I don't get it. Sometimes I
      > wonder if he even showed up on the set.

      Actually, let's be honest -- the acting even in the original Star Wars is not good. Still, that film had so many other things going for it that I find it hard to criticize it too much. But one of the problems for Lucas attempting to direct actors in Episode I is that he hadn't done it in more than *20* years. In fact, the films you mentioned above comrprise pretty much his entire (in)experience at directing (not counting the recent Star Wars prequel trilogy). It's no wonder he isn't that good at it.

      > Do good actors know it when their acting is terrible? Did Natalie
      > Portman and Ewan McGregor get sick on the set of Revenge of the Sith?

      Yes, I think they usually know. I also remember reading that Ewan McGregor had serious misgivings about having signed on for Episode I. He had just made Moulin Rouge with Baz Luhrmann and Nicole Kidman in Australia, and practically the *day after* they finished shooting, Lucas came in and bulldozed everything. Sure, he had a claim on the studio, but he could have shown a little more respect. But that, I find, is pretty typical of Lucas' egocentric behavior. In any case, it also really soured McGregor to working with Lucas -- which he's said was pretty much the exact opposite experience to working with Luhrmann (whom I've met, by the way -- and he really is a fantastic guy).

      > Maybe they actually enjoyed themselves because they didn't have to
      > work hard and because of the size of their salaries. Pretty sweet.

      I'm sure that softens the blow. They've got to make a living like everybody else. ;)

      > Liam Neeson must have been ecstatic that he bought it in The Phantom
      > Menace. I'm sure that he agreed to be directed by Lucas only if he
      > did die at the end.

      Hahae, LOL. Of course, the codicil to his contract is that he has to appear in umpteen subsequent ghostly visitation scenes, right? Not to mention, I'm sure Lucas is trying to figure out how to incorporate him into yet another "special" edition of the original movies, even now ...


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