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Re: [mythsoc] Re: Digest Number 2353 on citing the proceedings

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  • Walter Padgett
    Thanks for your considerate clarifications, Joe. It s done. I turned it into the dean of the college of arts and sciences this afternoon. All nit pickers
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 8, 2006
      Thanks for your considerate clarifications, Joe.

      It's done. I turned it into the dean of the college of arts and sciences
      this afternoon. All nit pickers have signed off on it. Now they're just
      checking "quality," whatever that means. I think the citation should give
      you enough information to find the source. To cite repetitions or
      duplications of sources seems more confusing. My thesis is an ISU
      publication, and I know we have all the Mythlore issues nicely bound in
      orange volumes in the basement of Cunningham Memorial Library, so anyone
      reading my thesis in the ISU library can find my citations in the
      Proceedings just by going to the Mythlore collection in that same library.

      This is kind of important, because when I was tracking down the Proceedings,
      I thought I had to have something really special. I had no idea that our
      library already had it. And the interlibrary loan people didn't figure it
      out, either. We had a copy sent to me through interlibrary loan from
      another library. If I (or Ms. Holly Moseman in interlibrary loan) had been
      able to decipher the citation as listed on the Tolkien Society website
      (where they have all the articles and their abstracts listed on a
      nicely-decorated web page), we would have just been able to locate it in the
      Mythlore volumes in the basement of our very own library.

      After I got my copy through interlibrary loan, I noticed that it looked a
      lot like a copy of Mythlore, and then it occurred to me! ("WE ALREADY HAVE
      IT") However, I kept the interlibrary loan copy in my own personal
      possession long after the overdue date, just so I could take it home and
      hold it and hug it and stuff. It's a nice book of Tolkien scholarship, and
      I loved it.

      Just for the record, I think I cited it this way:

      GoodK GoodKnight, Glen and Patracia Renyolds, eds.
      of the Tolkien Centenary*

      * Conference 1992 (Mythlore 80)*. Altadena, CA:
      Mythopoeic Society, 1992.

      And then for the articles that came out of this work, I cited like this:

      Hostetter, Carl F., and Arden R. Smith. "A Mythology for England."
      GoodKnight and Reynolds 271-81.

      Here's another example:

      Stenström, Anders. "A Mythology? For England?" GoodKnight and
      Reynolds, 310-14.

      That's the way I did it, anyway.

      Thanks, Walter.

      On 12/7/06, Joe R. Christopher <jchristopher@...> wrote:
      > Walter,
      > Since you're citing multiple essays from the proceedings, you might cite
      > the proceedings by itself by the editors, etc. (in the 5th ed of the _MLA
      > Handbook_ [I don't have the 6th], see p. 123 for 4.6.2 An Anthology or a
      > Complation). In this case, you're pretending the proceedings are a
      > book. Then cite each essay as: author, title of essay, last names of
      > editors, pages. (With, however, periods between the items, not
      > commas.) See p. 132 for 4.6.10 Cross-References.
      > I don't see any short way of citing the essays if you begin with the
      > assumption that the proceedings are journal issue. In that case, you have
      > to give the full information after each essay you cite. The gimmick is
      > that the proceedings is both an issue of two different journals _and_ a
      > book. As a journal it was Mallorn 33 and Mythlore 80; as a book it was
      > published by The Tolkien Society and The Mythopoeic Press. No doubt a real
      > bibliographer could find some way to cite it both ways in the same
      > citation
      > (and I could make up such a form), but I don't spot an example in the _MLA
      > Handbook_.
      > --Joe
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      > At 02:26 PM 12/7/2006, you wrote:
      > >11. Re: citing the Proceedings
      > > Posted by: "Walter Padgett" wpadgett@... <wpadgett%40gmail.com>waltooler
      > > Date: Thu Dec 7, 2006 11:47 am ((PST))
      > >
      > >Yeah, that's what I thought. But it's kinda confusing to us Earthlings--
      > I
      > >mean us youngish grad students.
      > >
      > >I am citing multiple papers from the Proceedings, but sometimes it's
      > cited
      > >elsewhere with the mallorn / mythlore mixup in full frontal. Other times
      > it
      > >seems more sensible. I just wanted to know what someone on this list
      > would
      > >do, but I didn't want to have to get into books and stuff.
      > >
      > >I'm here, so I thought I would ask.
      > >
      > >As you can imagine, I am formating my thesis for someone special right
      > now.
      > >He's a nit picker.
      > >
      > >Thanks, Walter.

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