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Wincing and Laughing (was Re: Wincing)

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  • Jason Fisher
    That was an enjoyable post and a nice summary of what watching the films was probably like for many of us. Your +12 Mace of Disintegration comment made me
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      That was an enjoyable post and a nice summary of what watching the films was probably like for many of us. Your "+12 Mace of Disintegration" comment made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that! :)

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      Here's a runthrough of a moderate-purist' s "wince"
      reactions, par exemplum to Jackson's Prologue.

      Opening voiceover- no problems. Lifted from Treebeard,
      but it's genuine Tolkien, and conveys (rarely for these
      movies) the tone of time and regret.

      "Nine Rings were gifted.." Minor wince. Tolkien
      wouldn't have used this sort of awkward fustian, just
      "were given."

      "....To the race of Men, who above all else desire
      Power." Significant wince. In Tolkien, Men above all
      else desire Immortality- and if JBW can't get that
      right, the house is already off its foundations.

      Clashing armies of the Last Alliance- Brilliant!
      Amazing! I nearly cried that something this epic could
      be realized on celluloid.

      Sauron. Oops. BIG wince. What's with this +12 Mace of
      Disintegration thing?

      Death of Elendil and taking the Ring- no wince. Not
      "correct", but works in context without really
      distorting anything.

      Sauron's demise. HUGE wince. He's a Maia, not a MOAB.

      Gladden Fields- again, no wince. I rather liked the
      Werner Herzog feel of this bit. Isildur's death (EE)
      works. Purists will object that it doesn't follow "The
      Disaster of the Gladden Fields;" but PJ didn't have the
      rights to film UT, now, did he? To be fair, in the LR
      itself Isildur was shot "as he swam."

      The River, Gollum, and Bilbo. Just fine. The voiceover
      here is one of the few times I thought that non-Tolkien
      wrtiting in this projest was actually very good. "...and
      there it consumed him. For five hundred years it
      poisoned his mind." Nice work. If only they keep this

      And so on for nearly twelve hours. There's a lot to like
      in these movies, and still more that's at least
      unobjectionable. But, dammit, then Gimli belches or
      Gandalf coldcocks the Steward of Gondor, and my
      suspension of disbelief does a Hindenburg. Why oh why
      did JBW think that Tolkien needed "improving," or if so
      that they were qualified to do it?
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