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Re: [mythsoc] re Tepper

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  • WendellWag@aol.com
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      << I used to enjoy Tepper a lot but it seems like she's gotten more and more
      embittered over the years. (And you should have seen her first-ever
      guest appearance at a con at WisCon some years ago. Yow!) >>

      Tepper has an interesting life story. She was born in 1929. When she was
      fifty, she hadn't published anything except a couple of poems, although she'd
      tried to write various things over the years. She then decided to get
      serious. I heard her speak in 1988, and in those nine years, she'd published
      and/or sold some incredible number of novels. (Twenty? Thirty? I forget.)
      She was speaking at a meeting of the Birmingham [England] Science Fiction
      Group. This was apparently the first talk she'd ever given to any group
      about her writing, and even this appearance was only done because she was on
      vacation and had told her publisher she could do a few signings.

      She didn't sound embittered then, just a little unhappy that she'd wasted so
      much of her life. She wanted to get as much published as possible and didn't
      want to spend any of her time on appearing at cons. What did she say at

      Wendell Wagner
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