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  • Joan Marie Verba
    Fellow Listmembers: eGroups/Onelist is merging once again--with Yahoo (yes, eGroups and Onelist just merged on April 1). The following FAQ was sent to confirm
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2000
      Fellow Listmembers:

      eGroups/Onelist is merging once again--with Yahoo (yes, eGroups and Onelist
      just merged on April 1). The following FAQ was sent to confirm that there
      will not be significant changes. (If there are significant changes, I'll
      notify the lists as soon as I can.)

      Those uninterested in the details may delete this message now. :)

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      Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 19:37:56 -0700 (PDT)
      Subject: Merger FAQ

      Hi everyone,

      The FAQ, as promised, has been posted to

      For our non-Web users, I've copied the text below (sans formatting).

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q. Why did this merger happen? How will moderators and members benefit
      from the new service?
      A. eGroups was created to offer the world's best email groups. Thanks to
      our loyal members and a team of great people, we built a service hosting
      over 800,000 groups used by more than 17 million members.

      By joining the Yahoo family of services, we will enhance and expand our
      current groups, and introduce our unique communication tools to millions
      of new users around the world. Once our services merge, we expect our
      members and moderators will benefit in many ways:

      - Access to a variety of group enhancements
      - A greater selection of new groups to join
      - A larger audience for existing groups
      - More services for our international members

      Q. Will eGroups continue to offer free email group services?
      A. Yes! eGroups and Yahoo are committed to offering a wide selection of
      free Internet services. We expect to continue offering free services, at
      no charge to moderators or members, during and after the merger.

      Q. When will the eGroups and Yahoo sites be integrated?
      A. It will take about two months for the legal transaction to be approved
      and completed (late August). After that point, we'll decide what level of
      integration offers our members the best service. Your suggestions and
      comments will be carefully considered. Integration will not begin until
      after the companies are combined, and the integration process is expected
      to last for several months.

      Q. Will there be any changes to the eGroups Terms of Service (TOS)?
      A. eGroups is aware of the differences between the Terms of Service
      offered to our members, and those offered to users of various Yahoo
      properties like Yahoo Clubs and Geocities.

      Legal teams from both eGroups and Yahoo are discussing the best way to
      resolve these differences. No decision has been made at this point, and
      you and your groups are still covered by the eGroups TOS.

      Q. What will happen to the current eGroups services (email, chat, file
      space, calendar, etc.)?

      A. No significant changes are planned for the eGroups service until after
      the legal transaction is completed. After that, eGroups and Yahoo will
      bring the best of both services together. In situations where services
      overlap (like Yahoo Calendar and eGroups Calendar), we may choose to
      consolidate. If this happens, we will migrate your data whenever possible
      and in accordance with our privacy policies.

      Q. Does this merger mean I have to change my group addresses or
      subscription URLs?
      A. No. eGroups and Yahoo will maintain your original group email addresses
      and Web URL's indefinitely. This means that you do not have to update any
      subscription Web pages you may have created.

      After the companies are combined, eGroups and Yahoo will evaluate options
      for a new system of addresses. However, even if new addresses are created
      for your group, the old addresses will continue to be supported.

      Q. Will there be changes to eGroups policies (adult content, security,
      A. eGroups and Yahoo believe that children should not have access to adult
      information. Both companies are legally obligated to eliminate content
      that violates local, state, federal, and international laws.

      Because both companies currently have similar policies and procedures to
      cover these situations, we do not anticipate significant changes to our
      policies regarding acceptable content. However, changes in applicable law
      may require policy changes at any time.

      Q. Will improvements to eGroups continue while the merger proceeds?
      A. Absolutely! eGroups will continue all planned development during the
      merger process. This means we will continue to work on new features and
      fixes. You may have noticed that we recently revived the Activity logs
      feature for groups you moderate.

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      List Administrator for DocEx, Mythsoc, MNSCBWI and
      MNSCREENW lists
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