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Re: Greetings, Gentlemen - an introduction of sorts

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  • auricdor
    Thank you, Walter! It s already been very helpful, and very interesting to read what s gone before. I m certainly not the Tolkien scholar I once was (twenty
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      Thank you, Walter! It's already been very helpful, and very
      interesting to read what's gone before.

      I'm certainly not the Tolkien scholar I once was (twenty years ago!)
      so I hope I can keep up.

      I also had read (and in one case, responded to) some criticisms of my
      work posted here - which I have to say, was rather refreshing. I've
      largely been having to contend with readers who know much LESS about
      the Inklings than I do (including one reviewer who claimed I'd
      'invented' the Charles Williams character as a viewpoint character for
      Tolkien and Lewis...) so again, I'm happy to be here.



      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, "Walter Padgett" <wpadgett@...> wrote:
      > Welcome James.
      > This list is the best. Keep coming back.
      > Regards, Walter Padgett
      > On 12/1/06, auricdor <auricdor@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > I'm new to the group - although I have a longstanding interest
      in the
      > > Mythopoeic Society (going back to my early teens) and in the Inklings
      > > in particular, as well as a deep and abiding respect for their work.
      > >
      > > Some of you are already aware of this to a degree having seen some of
      > > the (gah!) hype associated with the film rights sale to my novel,
      > >
      > > Since some of the concerns voices here were not dissimilar to those in
      > > other forums, I thought it might be helpful to direct those of you who
      > > are interested to an interview I did regarding this project:
      > >
      > > http://www.theonering.com/articles/19990,1.html
      > >
      > > Outside of that, there's little substitute for having direct access to
      > > the author to ask questions of and get answers from, so I hope you'll
      > > feel open to ask whatever you'd like.
      > >
      > > Best regards to you all -
      > >
      > > James A. Owen
      > >
      > >
      > >
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