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Re: [mythsoc] The community of scholars [was Re: J. Chance / Tolkien Encyclopedia]

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  • Walter Padgett
    It s a lot of traveling from Terre Haute to California. ... [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 1, 2006
      It's a lot of traveling from Terre Haute to California.

      On 12/1/06, David Emerson <emerdavid@...> wrote:
      > >From: Walter Padgett <wpadgett@... <wpadgett%40gmail.com>>
      > >
      > >At the Blackwelder conference, I approached T.A. Shippey, just after
      > >his presentation. [...] He posed himself and looked to the left and
      > right,
      > >shaking my hand warmly and looking me in the eye.
      > >
      > >... I began a discussion with Jane Chance...
      > >We talked for a long while, and others began to join us.
      > >
      > >And then I started a discussion with Richard C. West. Nasmith,
      > >Bratman, Foster (who I had lunch with), Rateliff, Garth, A. Smith,
      > >Hammond & Scull, etc., they were all there. I actually got to ride
      > >in an elevator with Arden Smith and John Garth. Can you imagine what
      > >a thrill that was? And I hadn't even read Garth's biography _Tolkien
      > >and the Great War_, yet. Rateliff and Garth gave me copies of their
      > >papers that they presented on the spot. Bratman mailed his to me
      > >shortly afterward. Nasmith said "Hi" to me! Really... "Hi." Mike
      > >Foster introduced me, and I had lunch with the Heron Istarion couple
      > >from New York City.
      > And that's the great thing about Tolkien fandom, the Mythopoeic Society,
      > Mythcons, etc. This is a small enough world that people whose work you
      > admire are very approachable, and for the most part very friendly and
      > encouraging. It's quite a participartory activity -- not such a gulf between
      > fans and pros. The first Mythcon I went to, I did a quick count and realized
      > that fully a third of the attendees (possibly more) were on the program in
      > one way or another.
      > Come to Mythcon, Walter. You can talk to presenters and panelists and
      > share ideas, and you'll soon realize that we're all "just folks". Sure,
      > maybe some of us folks are employed at educational institutions and have the
      > time & resources & impetus to research and publish, but a lot of us are
      > amateurs in the best sense of the word: those who do what we do out of love.
      > David Emerson
      > computer programmer, part-time musician, amateur Tolkien scholar
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