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HP & The Goblet of Fire

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  • Donovan Mattole
    Bill wrote; ... on ... a 700 page book ... July? ... Well, I m also a bookseller and I d love for you to send some to me! I have over 350 reservations and I m
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2000
      Bill wrote;
      > As a bookseller..and the store receiver...my main thought
      > HP4 is this: Where in Hades am I going to put 800 copies of
      a 700
      page book
      > that land at my store tomorrow to sit until the release date in
      > Bill

      Well, I'm also a bookseller and I'd love for you to send some to me!
      I have over 350 reservations and I'm only being allocated 500 copies -
      so my worry isn't where to put them - it's am I going to sell out
      the first two days. My bookseller's have been asking customers if
      they want to reserve a copy and the majority of them say that they'll
      just come in on the 8th and pick up a copy. I can guarantee this
      isn't hype. To support the release of the book, I'm selling copies
      from 12:01-12:30 AM and reopening at 7:00 AM for a special Harry
      Potter pancake breakfast. At 9 & 11 AM we are hosting HP release
      parties with costume contests, paint your broom activities, readings,
      quizzes, and lots of other things. We are also having a huge sign-up
      response to our summer "Harry Potter Camp". I've sold over 3,000
      copies of the books since January, so I assure you this will be
      huge. I will of course be right there with everyone else, buying my
      copy and reading it over the weekend! (Yes I also opened at 12:01 AM
      for the Phantom Menace, but to put it into perspective, we only had
      five reservations!)

      BTW for those of you who haven't already heard, they released the
      title yesterday. It is "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"!
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