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Re: [mythsoc] Rowling discussion!

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    ... I stumbled across at least three stories about Rowling s spoilers yesterday on my personal Yahoo! page (AP and Reuters) and USA Today homepage . THREE.
    Message 1 of 24 , Jun 30, 2006
      On Jun 30, 2006, at 2:44 AM, David Bratman wrote:

      > Having deleted the old posts, I may be misremembering. But I recall
      > Pat saying that the home page of USA Today is where _he_ read about
      > the Rowling thing.

      "I stumbled across at least three stories about Rowling's "spoilers"
      yesterday on my personal Yahoo! page (AP and Reuters) and USA Today

      THREE. Including AP and Reuters.

      > Again, no. Because the gossip column of my local paper is the place
      > where _I_ would have read about it, if I'd read about it at all.
      > And I am one of those who is being told that I should not have
      > missed this story. Which requires me to have read the gossip
      > column, since I didn't see the thing on any web searching I did
      > that day either.

      So is everyone now required to poll YOU before we decide to comment
      upon a news item or any other piece of information?

      I'd ask YOU to spend some time in front of the mirror today
      reflecting on the fact that you've gone out of your way to publicly
      insult at least three people on this list, at least two of whom count
      you as a friend, all in order to establish that, despite it being
      reported in all the major news outlets, YOU didn't read or hear a
      news item concerning a wildly popular series of books, and that
      therefore it was wrong for Pat to trust his instinct that most people
      HAD already heard the news item, again despite it having appeared in
      at least three major news outlets; all because Pat posted a
      lighthearted comment concerning a POSSIBLE development in a series of
      books that you've already stated you don't care about.
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