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RE: [mythsoc] Bartlesville OK etc.

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  • Croft, Janet B.
    Well, I ve just been lent one of the few remaining copies of a brochure on Bruce Goff s designs in the Norman area. I will copy it and put it in the
    Message 1 of 10 , May 30, 2006
      Well, I've just been lent one of the few remaining copies of a brochure
      on Bruce Goff's designs in the Norman area. I will copy it and put it
      in the registration packet. There's a cluster of four homes (including
      the teepee) just a block from our site, and one two blocks away. There's
      a website where you can see a slide show of some of Goff's houses here:
      dir=2001/0228&article=culture_1-1.html&image=11306_image_2.jpg. And if
      you really like his stuff, you can buy a set of Viewmaster reels on
      Amazon! I don't think I've ever seen the animal carved in the dead tree
      -- I'll look for it.


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      Jay's email (below) interested me because I also grew up in Bartlesville
      (a bit earlier). I took a couple of architecture courses at O.U. when
      Bruce Goff was head of the department there (he liked one of my abstract
      designs). A few years ago I took a tour of the Price Tower in
      Bartlesville for the first time since it opened--the people there have
      been restoring it to its original Frank Lloyd Wright interiors.
      Delightful. There were also some very good Bruce Goff paintings on the
      second floor. (The Wright houses and Unitarian Church around Chicago I
      have also visited.) About ten years ago, one of the museums in Fort
      Worth had a display of Bruce Goff's architectural designs. And I
      remember a slide show he did once (when I was a student) of a house he
      designed for one of the northern states--a lovely shot of a snow-covered
      yard sweeping up to a house with large lumps of hard coal set in white
      concrete (the clerestory beneath the roof of the house was not hard
      coal but large lumps of melted glass; with the lights on in the house at
      night they produced a series of blue areas in a strip, but during the
      day they looked the same as the coal). That was from the outside; from
      the inside during the day they let in a cool blue light. Janet, years
      ago, when I lived in Norman, there was a teepee-shaped house some place
      to the west of the campus, I think. No one was living in it, but Lynn
      and I got chased away from it one time by the man who owned it who lived
      next door; I think it was being used for storage. Is it still there?
      Also, you might mention as a minor attraction in Norman the carved
      animal figure at the top of a dead tree in the front yard at 474 Elm
      (not far from the campus); the woman who designed that (she died earlier
      year) was part Seminole, so it ties to the AmerIndian motif of Mythcon.


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      > Date: Fri May 26, 2006 7:53am(PDT)
      >Subject: Re: Oklahoma
      >JC: Yes! Some of them in walking distance of the conference center were

      >designed by Bruce Goff, a Frank Lloyd Wright student. And if you make
      >a side trip up to Bartlesville, you can see the only high-rise FLW
      >designed -- and stay in it, because it's a very nice hotel!
      >I grew up in Bartlesville in the 70s when that odd looking structure
      >was the Price Pipeline Co. The ophthalmologist I saw regularly as a
      >kid also practiced in the Price Tower as it was called back in the good
      ol' days.
      >There is not a single horizontal right angle in that entire building.
      >Quite a unique structure.
      >Jay Hershberger
      >Moorhead, MN

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