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pet peeve

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  • David Bratman
    The assumption that once a children s author, always a children s author, which has gotten a number of books for adults shelved in the children s sections of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 21, 2006
      The assumption that "once a children's author, always a children's author,"
      which has gotten a number of books for adults shelved in the children's
      sections of public libraries and bookstores. Remember the fuss over Judy
      Blume's _Wifey_?

      And having made the mistake of publishing _The Hobbit_, indisputably a
      children's book, first, J.R.R. Tolkien found his rather more challenging
      _The Lord of the Rings_ shelved in the children's sections. It's when it
      got to the posthumous books that it really got silly.

      I just want you to know that this impulse is not dead. Amazon.com, having
      rather perceptively noticed that I must be interested in Tolkien, now wants
      to sell me a copy of _The Silmarillion_, "The epic history of the elves,
      and the creation story of Tolkien's magical... Find out more."

      This summary also describes the book as for "Grade 5-8." Uh-huh. Oh, I'm
      sure there are some precocious fifth graders who eat it up. But its
      primary audience?

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