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Re: [mythsoc] Does anyone have pictures of L'Engle from the 1994 Mythcon?

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  • Bonnie Callahan
    Hi Wendell: I have a couple from that con, I ll scan in & send! Bonnie
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 12, 2006
      Hi Wendell:

      I have a couple from that con, I'll scan in & send!

      WendellWag@... wrote:

      > Does anyone have any pictures of Madeleine L'Engle from the 1994 Mythcon in
      > Washington, D.C.? Christina Hussar, the daughter of Bill Hussar in our local
      > discussion group (and who was on the committee for the 1994 Mythcon) is
      > doing a report for school about L'Engle. It would be nice if she could
      > illustrate it with some photographs from the Mythcon (or from somewhere else if you
      > have some from elsewhere). Contact Bill at _dadhusfam@..._
      > (mailto:dadhusfam@...) for how to send the pictures to him by E-mail or regular
      > mail.
      > Ah, yes, how time has flown. Bill and Maryanne got married just before
      > Mythcon, and Christina wasn't born till almost two years later. Now Christina is
      > old enough to attend our discussion group meetings.
      > Wendell Wagner
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