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  • Nagy Gergely
    ******************************************************************************* N A G Y, GERGELY lamorak@mars.arts.u-szeged.hu or
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 23, 2000
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      On 18 Jun 2000 mythsoc@egroups.com wrote:

      > Last night I watched THE BIRDS for the first time ever and was riveted -
      > fascinating film. Can we call it mythopoeic? I saw it primarily as a
      > parable of the fundamental human vulnerability that we'd all like to forget.

      Exactly that is the thing why I think we can't regard it as mythopoeic. We
      may call it an allegory (NB Tolkien's remarks in the Foreword to the Lord
      of the Rings about allegory and his dislike of it) or a parable (even
      better since it is not that complex as an allegory), but I don't think it
      would measure as mythopoeic.
      I too love The Birds and I too think it is a profoundly effective film,
      but I wouldn't call it mythopoeic.

      The best,

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